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  1. MID Check for Car & Van Insurance: How Long Will Insurance Take to Show on MID?

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    Driving without insurance is never okay and it is something the police check for regularly. So it’s important to always have proper insurance for the vehicle you are driving, no matter how short the journey. Even if you are just driving a friend’s car for an hour or, you have to be insured (that’s why hourly car insurance is so useful).

    You’ve probably heard of MID, and might know that the police check the MID for uninsured cars on the road. Understanding how this works, what AskMID is, and how databases are updated, is key to ensuring your peace of mind when you get behind the wheel of a car, whether you have taken out temporary insurance on it or just started a new annual policy.

    If you are wondering about how long your insurance will take to show up on the database, we explain everything you need to know about checking the status of your car insurance right here…

    What is the Motor Insurance Database (MID)?

    The MID, which stands for Motor Insurance Database, is the central UK database of all insured vehicles. 

    When you buy a car insurance policy the details are uploaded to the MID to show that the vehicle is insured. The insurance provider or broker you purchase through (like ourselves) are responsible for doing this in a timely manner. 

    We update the MID twice a day, every day.

    What is AskMID and How to Check It?

    AskMID is the site used to check the MID database. It is used to check if a vehicle is insured or not. You can do this by visiting AskMID.com and inputting vehicle details. That’s all there is to a MID check. 

    It’s important to remember that the MID database and MID checks rely on up to date information being in the database. So if you have only just purchased a policy and then do a MIDcheck – your insurance isn’t going to have made it onto the database yet. But you can still drive your car

    As long as you have purchased an insurance policy for the vehicle and have the proof, which is your certificate of insurance and Schedule, you are insured to drive. Waiting to drive until your policy shows up on the MID is completely unnecessary. 

    Do the Police Use AskMID?

    The police check car insurance of vehicles on the road by checking AskMID. Whilst you may think, “well I certainly can’t drive until I can see that my insurance has been updated on the MID”, this simply is not the case. 

    If you have bought a policy and are insured, but the police pull you over as your information hasn’t been updated on the MID yet, there is no need to panic. You can confirm you are in fact fully insured by presenting the officers with your insurance documents. 

    And don’t worry, you don’t have to wait around for letters and paperwork confirmation of insurance when you buy with us. You can get insured in under two minutes thanks to our quick and easy quoting process. Once you have your policy all the documents you need are sent straight to your inbox. So if you were to ever be pulled over after the police carry out a MID check, you’d be able to show your email containing your policy confirmation documents hassle free.

    How Long Does AskMID Take to Update?

    When you buy an insurance policy, the MID is not automatically updated. So gaps between purchase and the database being accurate are very common.

    If you were to buy a one hour car insurance policy from anywhere, it is unlikely your policy would show on the MID within the time you are using the vehicle. This is no issue though, and does not prevent you from driving. 

    At GoShorty, we’re not like everyone else, and we send the required information to the MID twice a day, 365 days a year. So whether you buy a policy at the weekend or on Christmas Day, you can have peace of mind that the MID will be updated in a timely manner.  

    We know how frustrating it can be if you are pulled over by the police for not showing up on AskMID, so we want to ensure we are updating the database as frequently as possible, to avoid large data gaps. Unlike many other insurance providers who only update MID every day or even less frequently, here at GoShorty we update MID twice a day, every day.

    However long it takes for your purchased policy to show on the MID should never impact you using the policy, though. If you are insured, you can drive. 

    Car Insured But Not Showing Up On MID? What to Do

    You are insured as soon as you have confirmation from the insurer, not from when the policy shows up on the MID. So, if you are worried about a weekend insurance policy you buy on a Friday night not being on the MID still within a few hours of purchasing, there’s no need to cancel the weekend road trip you had planned. You can drive as you had hoped, just have your proof of insurance email from the insurer to hand, just in case. 

    If you’re not showing up on the MID after a couple of days, it’s best to check the details on your policy are correct – if any registration details have been inputted incorrectly this will cause issues with the MID showing you as insured. Supplying incorrect details when purchasing insurance may also invalidate your policy.

    Does Temporary Insurance Show on MID?

    Yes, when you buy a temporary insurance policy it will show on the MID. When it shows up on the MID will depend on when you purchase the policy, combined with when we send data to the database. 

    However, as long as you have supplied all the correct details when applying for your insurance and received confirmation of your policy from the insurer – you can drive irrespective of what AskMID says. 

    Having a valid insurance policy on the vehicle you are driving is a non-negotiable, the policy showing up when you check MID is not. 

    So whether you want insurance for one day, one week of cover or car insurance for a month, your insurance will show up on the MID. And as soon as you have the cover, you can be on your way. 

    We like to keep things simple here at GoShorty, so you can get your temporary insurance in under two minutes thanks to our simple quote process, you’ll get proof of insurance straight to your inbox, once you’ve got that you can drive the vehicle within the window you insured it for. 

    Get behind the wheel with your fully comprehensive temporary cover, and let us worry about the MID. So, whether you need to get emergency insurance right there and then, are wanting to get insurance for a private test drive or are planning a weekend away – don’t let waiting for your insurance appearing on AskMID stop you from driving. 

    When you buy from us you’ll have your policy confirmation within two minutes and can get on the road straight away! 

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  2. Driving Without Insurance: What You Need To Know

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    There are circumstances where you might think you’re insured to drive…but before getting behind the wheel, always double-check. A hasty decision could result in serious consequences.

    These days, police using number plate recognition software to check the Motor Insurance Database (MID) in seconds, so it’s really easy to get caught.

    While some may wilfully drive uninsured, for others, it’s simply a lack of awareness, such as:

    • Thinking because you have comprehensive insurance, you can ‘drive any car’. This is a common misconception but is often not the case. Even if included, it may only provide third party cover for those aged over 25.
    • Not checking if your car has auto-renewed – so missing a paper or email reminder – and if it hasn’t, failing to buy a replacement cover.
    • Taking a car for a test drive and believing it will be insured – if it’s a private seller, it won’t be.

    So what happens if you’re pulled over and you’re caught driving without insurance? As experts in temporary car insurance, we know a thing or two about the subject. So, we’re going to answer all your questions on the subject.

    Will I be punished for driving without insurance?

    Yes. Sure, there may be a little wiggle room in a few cases (more on that later), but the reality is that driving without valid insurance is a ticking time bomb. If you don’t have at least third party insurance, you’re looking to get punished.

    Learn more: the different types of car insurance.

    So, is it always illegal to drive without insurance? What does the law say?

    Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, a car on the road or other public place must be insured. At the very least this should be third party insurance.

    If you’re involved in an accident – even if it’s not your fault, checks will be made. Not only that, but police use number plate recognition cameras to pick up on uninsured drivers. You can’t simply buy cover retrospectively – it must be valid at the time you’re stopped.

    What happens when you’re stopped by the police and accused of driving without insurance?

    If this actually happens to you, you’ll be asked to present your insurance documents. They won’t necessarily expect you to have them on you that second, but if you do, that would help. You’ll be given seven days to provide up-to-date insurance documents to the police. These must show that you had a valid policy in place covering the period that they stopped you.

    What is the penalty for driving without insurance?

    Police can impose a couple of different punishments. The absolute minimum penalty for driving without insurance is:

    • A fixed penalty of £300
    • six to eight penalty points on your licence

    If the case goes to court, there could be an unlimited fine and a driving disqualification.

    Points are recorded for four years and disqualification is likely with 12 or more penalty points within three years. If you’re disqualified for any period longer than 56 days, you’ll need to apply for a new licence.

    Police can seize an uninsured car and either destroy the vehicle or have it sold at auction. Uninsured driving convictions also show up on DBS checks. In the most serious cases, where there is a fatality, there can be jail sentences of up to two years, or 10 years if ‘dangerous driving’ is proved.

    Even if a car is not being driven, if it’s uninsured, you could be given a £100 fine and a £20 storage charge per day and £150 collection fee if it’s seized by police.

    However, driving without insurance in itself is not an imprisonable offence and does not appear on a conviction on a criminal record.

    But I’ve got comprehensive insurance, surely that means I can drive any car I want?

    No! Or at least, not necessarily. Sure, a lot of comprehensive car insurance policies include ‘drive other cars’ (DOC) cover, but it may not be the catch-all you’re hoping for.

    This cover is primarily aimed at allowing you to drive someone else’s car in an emergency, rather than regularly. Many insurers don’t even offer it anymore. It’s also subject to a number of terms and conditions.

    If you do have this as part of your cover, then at the very least you’ll need to get explicit permission from the vehicle owner and even then you may only have third party cover. Always check the details of your policy.

    If you are caught trying to use DOC as your excuse you could even land the owner of the car in hot water too.

    Are there any loopholes or legal reasons for driving without insurance?

    There are a number of ‘mitigating circumstances’ that may be considered if you’re caught driving without insurance. These aren’t a given though, and you can’t rely on them.

    Some instances where people may have had a punishment reduced have included, but are not limited to:

    • An insurance company cancelling a driver’s policy without notifying them – which would be an incredibly rare scenario
    • A driver having a genuine reason to believe they are driving with insurance

    There may be other circumstances that are considered.

    Simply forgetting to renew your policy is not an excuse.

    What about cars that are not driven?

    In most cases, if a car is out of action, it still needs to be insured. This is the case if it’s on the street as a stationary car can still be in an accident. You can declare a car Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN), meaning it does not need to be insured, but it cannot be left on a public road.

    What circumstances don’t I need insurance to drive?

    There are actually a number of circumstances where you don’t need to insure your car. However, these don’t generally let you drive the car.

    Your car doesn’t need insurance if:

    • You have a Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN)
    • The has been scrapped, stolen or exported with the required notice in place
    • The car is between registered keepers or dealers
    • The car has been registered as ‘in trade’ with the DVLA

    The only time you can drive a car without insurance is on private land. All the other times require the car to be off-road in some way.

    My insurance policy isn’t showing up on the Motor Insurance Database (MID), can I drive?

    Whenever you insure your car, your policy will show up on the Motor Insurance Database.

    You can learn more about what the MID is here, but in short, it’s a database that details all the cars and their insurance status.

    Insurance can take a few days to show up on the MID though. So, if you’re driving immediately after buying a policy, there’s a chance you won’t show up when the police check your number plate. In this instance, you’re still insured, so don’t worry. Just make sure you have your policy details to hand to prove it and explain the situation.

    I’m insured, but I’ve been hit by an uninsured driver, what then?

    Even if you’re meeting all the motoring laws yourself, and driving with insurance, you may still find yourself in an awkward situation. If you’re unlucky enough to be in a car accident with someone that was driving without insurance, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

    First of all, if the other driver says they are uninsured or refuses to supply insurance details, you should report them to the police.

    If they simply didn’t have their details, you can look to see if it’s an uninsured vehicle by checking its details on the Motor Insurance Database website.

    You can also see whether you can claim compensation from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau.

    A simple solution from GoShorty

    There’s a straightforward and affordable way to make sure you don’t have to risk driving uninsured. Comprehensive short term car insurance or temporary van insurance from GoShorty can be purchased from one hour up to 28 days and provides ultimate reinsurance.

    So, this would cover a test drive or can be taken out on a regular basis if you want to car share or borrow a vehicle from time to time. Our temporary car insurance is available for drivers aged 18 to 75 and is a fast and certain way to ensure you don’t need to drive uninsured.

    Don’t risk driving without insurance – get cover today with a temporary insurance quote from GoShorty.