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Monthly Car Insurance

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Monthly Car Insurance

1 hour to 4 weeks

Tell us your details: get a quote for 1 month car insurance instantly.

About the car you want to temporarily insure.

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1 Month Car Insurance for Drivers Who Need Flexibility

As experts in temporary car insurance we offer a range of flexible short-term car insurance policies. Our monthly car insurance policy is the longest we offer and it’s here to offer you up to 28 days’ peace of mind. Just fill in your details in our quick-quote form and you’ll be able to get insured in minutes to drive within the UK. A temporary car insurance policy works completely separately from the owner’s existing annual policy, protecting their No Claims Discount.

Get approved in minutes and drive instantly. All your monthly insurance documents arrive by email as soon as you’re approved and you’ve settled up.
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  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • 1 hour to 28 days flexible cover
  • Low Excess
  • Drivers aged 19 to 75
  • Maximum car value is £65,000
  • Protect the car owner’s No Claims Discount

What is Monthly Car Insurance?

Monthly car insurance from GoShorty is simple fully comprehensive insurance cover for a driver on a car that lasts a total of 28 days. It’s the longest temporary car insurance that GoShorty offers and it’s perfect for people who want to insure their car monthly or insure someone temporarily on their car. It can also be a great way to cut costs, if you drive only for short periods. With one-month car insurance you will be able to drive anywhere within the UK on the named car, safe in the knowledge that at the end of the month, you won’t be tied into an ongoing contract.

How Much Does Monthly Car Insurance Cost?

The price of monthly car insurance is dependent upon the criteria that is considered for each person who applies for a policy. The price of a policy will vary based on age, experience, location and the vehicle itself. 

Our car insurance calculator has the average cost for a month’s insurance at £76.64. Please note that the price may change depending on your information, but it’ll give you a good idea of how much your cover will cost.You can find out more details about our acceptance criteria on our ‘Who We Cover’ page

How Does 1 Month Car Insurance Work?

Monthly car insurance allows you to get covered for one month at a time, suitable for drivers who wish to get coverage for a specific period, with no further commitments. Monthly insurance comes with everything you would expect in regular comprehensive insurance and it will not impact the car owner’s No Claims Discount, making it an ideal option for borrowing someone else’s car.

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What Are Monthly Car Insurance Policies Typically Used for?

Not sure whether monthly insurance cover is right for you? There are a range of common scenarios where a 28-day vehicle policy can be hugely beneficial…

Car Sharing: Especially if you’re going on a long journey and want to share the load on driving with a friend or family member.

Emergencies: Need to be somewhere quickly, but you’re not insured on someone’s car? Monthly insurance could be just the ticket.

Borrowing a Friend or Family Member’s Car: When you’re borrowing someone’s vehicle it’s easier to get your own policy.

Holidays and road trips: Spending a month on the road with friends or family? Get everyone insured without adding them to the owner’s current policy.

Can I Get 1 Month Car Insurance – Am I Eligible?

Yes, you can get insured for 1 month on a car with GoShorty. While we’re pleased to offer this level of flexibility, not everyone is automatically eligible.

To get temporary car insurance, whether it’s for 1 month or shorter, you need a full UK driving licence and permission from the owner of the vehicle. You’ll need to meet a number of criteria too. Check if you are eligible for monthly car insurance:

MID: Please note that our Short Term Insurance policies are submitted to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) twice a day, every day. We recommend always having a copy of your Insurance Certificate with you during the period of cover, and remember that you can always access all of your insurance documents by logging into Your GoShorty.


  • Cars and Commercial Vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes)
  • Minimum value Cars and Vans: £1* subject to age restrictions
  • Maximum value Cars: £65,000
  • Maximum value Vans: £65,000
  • Social, Domestic and Pleasure or Social, Domestic and Pleasure + Commercial use only – usage will be restricted to social domestic and pleasure purposes, which includes commuting and personal business use only
  • Vehicle must be registered in the UK
  • Foreign use is not permitted
  • Not for exporting – journeys must start and end in the UK
  • Is not imported or left-hand drive and not modified (factory fitted extras or modifications for a disabled driver or passenger, or LPG conversions are acceptable).
  • Has no more than 7 seats and is not a rental or hire vehicle (if commercial – no more than 5 seats)
  • Must not be modified. LPG conversions and Disabled Modified are acceptable
  • Have a valid MOT (if required), is NOT declared as SORN (off-road) with DVLA and has NOT been seized by the police.
  • Not to be used for impounded or seized vehicles (unless specified as impounded cover)
  • Not to be used for any form of motor racing, pacemaking, track days, motor trade usage or hire and reward
  • Not for carrying hazardous goods or use at a hazardous location
  • There is no cover under this policy for vehicles which are insured, owned by, operated by, supplied by, hired or rented from any Claims, Credit hire or Accident Management Company.


  • Private Car – driver aged 19 to 75
  • Commercial Vehicle – driver aged 21 to 75
  • Has a current permanent address as stated throughout this application (please note you may be asked to provide proof of residence in the event of a claim)
  • Has not ever been refused insurance, had a policy cancelled or voided
  • No driving ban in the last 60 months
  • No conviction for any criminal offence or any possible prosecution pending

What You Need to Take Out a Monthly Car Insurance Policy

Before taking out a policy, you must have permission from the owner of the car you intend to drive if you plan on borrowing a vehicle, if so, an easy to fill quote form will check if you are eligible, it will require:

  • Policy duration – How long will you be needing the policy for? Ranging from one hour to 28 days.
  • Personal information – Full name, DoB, permanent address details.
  • Vehicle information – Registration of the car you are looking to insure.
  • Licence details – Licence number, licence type, how long you have held it.

Monthly Car Insurance FAQs

Can you get insured on a car for one month?

Yup! With GoShorty you can actually get insured for as low as 1 hour. Our weekly insurance covers you for 28 days or one month.

Can I get two months car insurance?

We only offer short term car insurance up to 28 days. If you need to get insured again, you’ll have to take out another policy. If you need to get insured again, you can easily take out a new policy once your existing cover expires.

Can I get car insurance for less than a month?

Yes! We offer hourly, weekly and daily policies too, allowing drivers to get covered from as little as one hour. Head here to get a quote.

Can I extend my monthly car insurance policy?

Our policies go up to 28 days, if you wish to extend the policy, it’s as simple as getting another policy to begin from the end of the period you have already paid for.

Not found the answer you’re looking for? Either get in touch or checkout our other FAQs

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