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You must know what you are looking for if you are in the market for a new insurance policy. Quite often, false information can play a big part in how we deal with insurance companies.

At GoShorty, you can find the policy and deal that suits you best. To help you do this, we want to dispel some of the most prominent car insurance myths that are doing the rounds.

Short-Term Insurance Policies Are All The Same

Short-term is not an option with all providers, but here at GoShorty, you can enjoy temporary car insurance for as little as one hour.

There are several ways you will be able to tailor the policy to your needs. So whether you are looking for temporary van insurance, temporary learner driver insurance to practice in someone else’s car, or temporary car insurance, you will get the cover you need right here.

You Can Drive All Other Cars With Fully Comprehensive Policies

Some comprehensive insurance policies will offer the ability to drive any car, but it is not as common as it used to be.

You should let the provider know if this is something you want to include in your comprehensive cover. This might increase the cost of your car insurance and will typically be for people over the age of 25, offering only third-party liability.

The comprehensive cover does give the driver much more protection, but insurers typically ask drivers to pay more for this service.

Third-Party Cover Is Always The Cheapest

Because the most common kind of people taking out third-party insurance tends to be younger people with a higher risk of accidents, car insurance companies have amended prices accordingly. Thanks to this, a comprehensive policy might be more competitive than you imagined, especially with the added cover and benefits.

There Is No Difference Between Paying Monthly And Paying Upfront

Paying your annual car insurance premium in a lump sum will help you save money. Making monthly payments makes it more manageable for many to afford, but you will pay more over a year.

You Don’t Need To Inform Your Insurer Of Minor Accidents You Aren’t Claiming

Small prangs or scrapes that you don’t plan to claim will still affect the car’s value. As well as that, the owner of the other vehicle might want to make a claim, so the insurer needs to have all the information regarding the accident, no matter how small it is.

Your Renewal Price Will Be Higher Than What Is Offered To New Customers

Automatic renewals won’t be more expensive than a like-for-like policy for new customers due to regulations put in place by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This does not mean that renewals for existing customers will work out better than existing premiums, so speaking with your insurer or comparing quotes is advisable.

Storing Your Car In A Garage Lowers Your Car Insurance Premium

A common misconception is that storing your car in a garage guarantees a lower insurance premium. Many factors go into how your quote will be calculated, and overnight parking in a garage in an area with lots of claims for cars stored this way could be higher.

Using A Car For Business Use Increases Insurance Premiums

Using a car for business makes it more likely to use it at peak times and will use it more than someone who only uses it socially. You might think this would put it at more risk, and you would be right in some cases.

Alternatively, some insurers understand the importance of cars used for business and expect many drivers to be more careful not to put them at risk.

It Is Cheaper To Insure A Car After The Age Of 25

Another one of the most popular car insurance myths is that your premiums will magically drop as soon as you reach 25. This will only be the case if the driver’s history is clean and they have proven to be responsible drivers.

For example, a 25-year-old who has made more claims than a 23-year-old can expect a high insurance premium.

You Will Get A Courtesy Car If You Have An Accident

Depending on your policy and availability, you might receive a courtesy car if your vehicle is being repaired. It is not always guaranteed.

Insurance Covers All Accidents That You Cause

While an insurer will typically cover accidental damage caused by the policyholder, there are some exceptions. If the driver is proven to be negligent or had been drinking, this might void the policy, meaning they will no longer be covered.

Low Mileage Reduces Insurance Premiums

According to the Government’s National Travel Survey, the average UK driver covers around 8,000 miles a year. Some insurers might look at people that travel considerably less than this as a risk as they might not be as confident.

Using A More Experienced Driver As The Main Driver On A Policy Reduces The Premium

This might sound like a good idea and typically result in a lower insurance premium. However, using a more experienced driver as the main driver fraudulently is called ‘fronting,’ which is illegal and can result in a fine of up to £5,000.

Adding a more experienced driver as a secondary driver can positively impact your car insurance price.

Your Job Title Doesn’t Affect The Cost Of Your Insurance

If you are looking for a new car insurance policy and enter your details online, you will have to enter your job title. This might seem like nothing more than an unnecessary admin task, but your job title could affect whether you get a lower premium.

Some job titles are deemed more responsible roles than others, and the insurer can use this to work out your premium.

No Claims Bonus Protection Stops Premiums From Rising

No-claims bonus protection can be worth it for some people if they make a claim, but it is worth remembering that this is just a bonus. Your overall costs might still rise before this is taken off the total.

There is also a limit on how often you will be able to claim if you have this protection on your insurance.

You Don’t Have To Pay The Excess If The Claim Is Not Your Fault

The insurer usually waves excess charges on claims made against a third party when you aren’t to blame. However, on occasion, you must pay this before claiming it back. Because of this, it is always worth ensuring the excess on your policy is affordable.

You Don’t Need Insurance If You Don’t Drive The Car

It is false that you don’t need to pay insurance if you don’t drive it. You will not have to have an active car insurance policy on your vehicle if it has been officially declared off the road and kept on private property in a driveway or garage. This declaration is known as a Statutory Off Road Notification or SORN.

Final Thoughts

It can be easy to fall into the trap of listening to myth after myth about car insurance; after all, they have been believed for years. Unfortunately, listening to this false information can mean people don’t look at all the available options.

GoShorty aims to help customers find the best car insurance policy to suit their needs by providing an excellent range of options and dispelling these insurance myths.