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What does temporary commercial van insurance cover?

A short-term commercial van insurance policy from GoShorty is fully comprehensive, giving you complete peace of mind that you and your business are protected should anything go wrong. By taking out one of our temporary policies, you’ll be covered for:

  • Drivers aged between 20 -75 (restrictions apply)
  • Accidental damage to the van you have insured or to another vehicle
  • Personal injury to you or anyone else involved in an accident
  • Damage to other people’s property due to the result of an accident
  • Cover for any personal belongings that are damaged or stolen

t’s important to note that temporary van insurance doesn’t cover all types of commercial vehicles or uses. Below is a list of the instances in which you will not be able to take out a short-term policy.

  • Exporting vehicles outside of the UK
  • Vehicles not registered in the UK
  • Vans with a market value of over £50,000
  • Carrying restricted or hazardous goods
  • Vans with more than 5 seats
  • Taxi drivers
  • Rented vehicles

The benefits of short-term business van insurance

Running a small business

Temporary van insurance is ideal for small business owners and sole traders who might not have the money to buy a van outright or pay for an annual insurance policy. By only paying for the specific amount of time you need, temporary van cover means you don’t end up spending money unnecessarily. Temporary commercial van insurance is also often cheaper than adding additional drivers to an existing policy as you will only be paying for their cover on a temporary basis, be it for a few days or several weeks.

Smaller businesses may also need to get family members or friends to help with driving from time to time or borrow a van from relatives for short periods in order to complete a one-off job. It’s not going to be cost-effective to take out insurance for a full year, so short-term cover provides an invaluable alternative.

Hiring new employees

You might be reluctant to take out annual cover for a new employee until they’ve passed their probation period and you are confident that they are the right fit for your business. In situations such as this, it’s a great idea to get temporary van insurance so that your new hire can start adding value to your team as soon as they start.

Appointing temporary drivers to cover absences

Businesses need to keep moving and can’t afford to get held up if employees are off sick, on holiday, or out-of-office for whatever reason. Short-term van insurance lets business owners keep their workforces on the roads by making it quick and easy for them to ask team members to step in and drive other vehicles temporarily until their colleague returns.

Test-driving new vans

If your business is on the lookout to change or add a new van to its fleet, you may want to explore test-driving several models before deciding which one is right for you. If you are considering buying a van secondhand, the van’s owner or seller might not have insurance in place to cover you whilst you are taking it for a spin, but this doesn’t mean you can get away with driving uninsured. Taking out a temporary van insurance policy for as little as 1 hour means you can test drive with complete peace of mind.

Get temporary van insurance by the hour, day, week or month with GoShorty.

Why is temporary business van insurance important?

Having appropriate insurance for any vehicle is a legal requirement in the UK. Even if it’s in an emergency, driving without insurance is against the law and can result in serious penalties if you get caught.

Beyond getting points on your license and being handed substantial fines, driving a commercial vehicle without insurance could jeopardise the future of your job and even your business as a whole. For any vans driven by you or your employees for commercial purposes, it’s crucial that you have fully comprehensive cover.

Why choose GoShorty’s temporary business van insurance?

Here at GoShorty, we offer temporary cover that gets you on the road and on your way to where you need to be. Our flexible, short-term cover is available from as little as 1 hour to as long as 28 days, meaning you can choose the van insurance policy that’s right for you.

Getting a temporary policy is often the cheapest way in which to insure your business van, but there are things that can bring the cost down even further.

  • Having a no-claims discount that you can use.
  • Choosing your van carefully – some makes and models are cheaper to insure than others.
  • Installing a black box.
  • Increase your voluntary excess.
  • Avoid modifying your van from its factory standard.
  • Improve your van’s security with an alarm, immobiliser, and tracker.

What you need to buy a Temporary Van Insurance policy.

In order to get a quote for temporary business van insurance, you will need to have access to the following information.By taking out short term cover you are preserving any other insurance policies you have, as well as protecting the vehicle owner’s No Claims Discount.

Personal details

Your name, age, address, driving license number, and information about your driving history.

Information about the van

It’s make, model, age, modifications, and registration number.

Details of the policy

The required duration of the policy and the types of driving that it will need to cover. For more information and support on temporary van cover, have a read through our other van insurance guides.

Temporary business van insurance FAQs

Am I eligible for temporary business van insurance?

Your eligibility for temporary van insurance for a commercial vehicle will depend on whether you are able to meet a number of requirements.

The quickest way to find out if you are eligible to get temporary van insurance is to fill in our simple, easy-to-use insurance quotation form. Here you’ll be asked to share details about the vehicles and drivers you’re hoping to insure before being provided with a range of options. You can choose the temporary van insurance quote that best suits your needs, getting you back on your way in no time.

What types of temporary van insurance do you offer?

GoShorty offers a range of different temporary van insurance options to make it quick and easy for you to get the cover you need in order to drive a van. Whether it’s to insure someone else to drive your own van for business use or to insure yourself to drive other vehicles within a business fleet, we have a flexible, cost-effective temporary van insurance policy that’s just right for you.

Hourly van insurance

Sometimes, you only need to drive a van for a few hours at a time. You might be filling in for a colleague who’s the vehicle’s main driver or borrowing a van from family members for short-term business use.

Daily van insurance

If you need to drive a van occasionally, getting insured by the day is the best way to go. This type of policy is ideal for ad-hoc van hire where the van owner’s annual policy doesn’t cover additional drivers. You can drive a rented or borrowed van for full days, confident that you and your business are protected in the event of an accident.

Weekly van insurance

If you need to drive a van for more than a day, weekly insurance is perfect. It provides you with flexible cover to use a van as and when you require it over the course of a whole week without the stress of having to get a job done within a single day.

Monthly van insurance

For businesses needing to drive vans for longer periods, monthly insurance is the best option. You can get insurance for you and your team for up to 28 days, making this type of short-term van insurance perfect for when you are on the road for extended periods or if your regular vehicles are out of action.

How much does temporary insurance for a business van cost?

The cost of a temporary insurance policy for a commercial vehicle will depend on a number of different factors including:

  • The driver you’re insuring

Young drivers, that’s those under 25, are considered a higher risk as they typically have less experience than older drivers. Be prepared to pay more for temporary van insurance policies if they are for younger employees or apprentices. Similarly, drivers with past motoring convictions, a limited no-claims discount, or a history of refused car insurance policies will be more expensive to insure.

  • The van you’re insuring

Different vehicles are more expensive to insure than others, and vans are no exception to this rule. Vans with larger, more powerful engines are considered to be more difficult to drive and therefore more likely to be involved in an accident. The market value of your van, whether it’s a new van or a used one, will also affect the cost of any short-term insurance. The more expensive your business van is, the higher its insurance premium will be. Similarly, if your van has any modifications, this could cause the premium to increase.

  • The length of the policy

The duration of your temporary commercial van insurance policy will also determine how much it costs, with longer periods of cover having higher price tags than shorter ones. If you only need insurance for a matter of hours or days then this will be cheaper than if you need cover for several weeks.

Fortunately, temporary cover for commercial vehicles is still far less expensive than taking out an annual van insurance policy or adding a named driver to your own policy as you’re only paying for the specific amount of time you require – nothing more, nothing less.

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What is the difference between commercial and private van insurance?

Private van insurance covers you if you are only driving for social and domestic purposes. This includes driving to the shops, visiting family and friends, going on days out or on holiday, and taking part in hobbies. Private van insurance does not cover you if you use your van for commuting to and from work, regardless of whether or not you use the van as part of your job.

If you’re planning on using a van for any business-related activities, you’ll need commercial van cover. These include driving a van for work, transporting goods to sell, and carrying equipment or tools.

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