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Temporary Food Delivery Insurance (Vans Only)

1 hour to 4 weeks

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Temporary Food Delivery Insurance (Vans Only)

1 hour to 4 weeks

Tell us your details: get a quote for temporary food delivery insurance instantly.

About the van you want to temporarily insure.

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Flexible Food Delivery Insurance for Vans

Whether you’re a full-time delivery driver, or you are searching for temporary food delivery insurance to last the weekend, GoShorty has you and your van covered. Our food delivery policies are not only flexible, but you can get a policy in less than two minutes – meaning very happy customers AND fully protected drivers.

Our offering is available in the form of hourly food delivery insurance (also known as hire & reward food delivery cover) for vans, meaning you can pick and choose how long your shift is, and purchase cover only for the time its needed.This means short-term insurance that adapts to your schedule, rather than being tied into an expensive contract that you don’t use.

The process of securing an insurance policy with us is quick, hassle-free and seamless – we just need your van’s registration to start. Or, if you’re borrowing a friend or family member’s vehicle, just input their registration, followed by your own personal information, purchase a policy and you’re covered – plus their no claims discount won’t be affected if you get into an accident.

What you can expect:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • 1 hour to 28 days flexible cover
  • Drivers aged 21 to 70
  • Maximum vehicle value is £30,000

What is Food Delivery Insurance?

Food delivery insurance is a type of commercial insurance specifically designed for drivers or businesses that are delivering meals to customers while in their vans. Whether you’re employed by a company and looking for specific insurance, or require a more general flexible food delivery insurance policy, these policies can protect against the risks and liabilities of carrying out food deliveries.

Whether you’re worried about accidents or damage to your vehicle, our comprehensive food delivery insurance is available to aid all parties involved in any unforeseen circumstances. This insurance can help to ensure the safety of a business and their drivers, with hourly food delivery insurance available for those who need last-minute coverage to make a few deliveries at short notice.

How Much Does Temporary Food Delivery Insurance Cost?

Luckily, temporary food delivery insurance is just as customisable as the dishes you deliver – meaning our hourly food delivery insurance policies are comprehensive yet inexpensive.

You’ll be covered just for the time you require, which is essential as delivery drivers will be covering a significant amount of ground. While unlikely, this does increase the potential risk of accidents or damage to your vehicle, meaning a flexible food delivery insurance policy is key to protecting yourself.

In addition, these policies are perfect for any drivers or businesses that do not operate food delivery on a full-time basis, ensuring flexibility and allowing you to cut down on costs. However, there is no ‘one price fits all’ in place, as food delivery insurance costs will be dependent on several factors, including the vehicle itself, the driver’s information, and your location.

How Does Food Delivery Insurance Work?

All insurance policies offered by GoShorty are offered on a temporary basis, meaning you can get covered for as little as one hour, up to 28 days. The flexibility provided by these policies means that drivers and their vans are protected.

With our services, your insurance policy is fulfilled quickly, meaning you can get on the road and make money in as little as two minutes!

What Our Food Delivery Insurance Covers

The food delivery insurance offered by GoShorty covers a whole range of the risks and liabilities faced by delivery drivers on the road. This ranges from:

  • Damage to your van
  • Coverage for accidents, including third-party liability

And remember, our policies allow for the carriage of goods for hire & reward services including social, domestic and pleasure (SD&P) use, meaning you’re automatically buying a comprehensive policy from the get-go. Just make sure to select the option including carriage of goods for hire and reward from the drop-down ‘vehicle usage’ menu when applying for your quote.

It is also important to consider that with temporary van insurance, any claims made won’t effect the no claims bonus earned against any other policies that may also cover the same vehicle. This means that you can borrow anyone’s vehicle, or allow anyone to borrow your van when delivering food, with no risk to the main owner’s no claims discount.

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When Does Food Delivery Insurance Come in Handy?

There are many instances in which food delivery insurance is handy, starting by protecting yourself and your vehicle when on the roads. In addition, providing cover in the event of any accidents or events that incur in the course of your travels helps to bring you peace of mind when driving.

More importantly, our flexible food delivery insurance allows you to borrow or lend your vehicle to another driver in less than 2 minutes. This means if you decide to pick up a last-minute shift, or you’d like to help your friends or family out, you can do so with ease.

Can I Get Temporary Food Delivery Insurance – Am I Eligible?

As with all of our policies at GoShorty, your eligibility for fast food insurance is dependent on your personal circumstances, and the value of the vehicle in question. We pride ourselves on offering our comprehensive policies to anyone aged 21 through to 70, and you can see more information about who we cover.

MID: Please note that all our Short Term Insurance policies are submitted to the Motor Insurance Database (MID)at 9am and 2pm every day. We recommend always having a copy of your Insurance Certificate with you during the period of cover.


  • Commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes)
  • Minimum value vans: £1500* subject to age restrictions
  • Maximum value vans: £30,000
  • Must select Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP) and Goods for Hire and Reward when selecting the vehicle usage whilst applying for a quote.
  • Foreign use is not permitted
  • Not for exporting – journeys must start and end in the UK
  • Is not imported or left-hand drive and not modified (factory fitted extras or modifications for a disabled driver or passenger, or LPG conversions are acceptable).
  • Has no more than 5 seats and is not a rental or hire vehicle
  • Must not be modified. LPG conversions and Disabled Modified are acceptable
  • Have a valid MOT (if required), is NOT declared as SORN (off-road) with DVLA and has NOT been seized by the police.
  • Not to be used for impounded or seized vehicles
  • Not to be used for any form of motor racing, pacemaking, track days, motor trade usage or hire and reward
  • Not for carrying hazardous goods or use at a hazardous location
  • There is no cover under this policy for vehicles which are insured, owned by, operated by, supplied by, hired or rented from any Claims, Credit hire or Accident Management Company.


  • Private Van – UK/EU drivers aged 21 to 70
  • Has a current permanent address as stated throughout this application (please note you may be asked to provide proof of residence in the event of a claim)
  • Has not ever been refused insurance, had a policy cancelled or voided
  • No driving ban in the last 60 months

What You Need to Take Out Food Delivery Insurance Policy

As stated above, there are a few non-negotiables you’ll need to be eligible for our food delivery driver insurance. These range from having a permanent address, through to having a full licence and being aged between 21-70.

Beyond this, taking out PAYG food delivery cover with GoShorty couldn’t be easier. All you’ll need is your vehicle’s registration number, before inputting:

  • Your reason for cover
  • The duration of your coverage
  • The start date of the policy
  • Details about the driver, including the issuing country of their licence and licence type

Temporary Food Delivery Insurance FAQs

What does food delivery insurance mean?

Food delivery insurance refers to a specialist type of insurance created specifically for food couriers while driving in their vans. These could refer to individuals working for a restaurant’s own delivery team, or a driver working for a business. This insurance specifically caters to the needs of any food delivery drivers, meaning issues such as theft, accidents, or any other potential risks are covered.

Do I need food delivery insurance to make deliveries?

Anyone delivering takeaway food in the UK will require some form of food delivery insurance, providing cover for the carriage of goods for hire and reward purposes. This is because using your vehicle to conduct deliveries counts as commercial use – so standard insurance will not cover all of your needs.

Will food delivery insurance cover me if I work at a food delivery service?

The comprehensive temporary food delivery insurance provided by GoShorty will cover individuals working for big name courier services. As an extra bonus, our cover isn’t specifically linked to any businesses, meaning that purchasing one policy will have you covered across all different providers.

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