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Pay As You Go Learner Driver Insurance

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Pay As You Go Learner Driver Insurance

1 hour to 4 weeks

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Pay As You Go Van Insurance offers cover when you need it

Being a learner driver can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With GoShorty’s Pay-As-You-Go insurance policy for learner drivers, you’ll be fully covered and ready to tackle the roads stress-free!

Most people need at least 22 hours of extra driving practice before taking their test. With this policy, you can do this easily, in your time, hassle-free, and guest what! It is very affordable too!

Here is all you need to know about how your learner driver insurance will work.

  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • 1 hour to 28 days flexible cover
  • Low Excess
  • Drivers aged 18 to 75
  • Maximum car value is £50,000
  • Protect the car owner’s No Claims Discount

What is Pay As You Go Car Insurance?

Pay-as-you-go learner driver insurance is a short-term insurance policy there to cover you for practising before your driving test and for your lessons. You will need to be supervised at all times, and you can only drive in your own car or in a relative’s car.

Ultimately, this insurance gives you the time to practice in a car that you feel comfortable driving without needing to commit to a long-term policy in your early driving stages. You can also use the insurance policy to take your actual driving test in a familiar or your own car.

Get learner driver insurance by the hour, day, week or month with GoShorty.

Vehicle Details

The car’s registration number, make and model for example.

Cover Requirements

When you want insurance to start and end – you can take cover from 1 hour to 28 days.

Your Information

Your name, date of birth, address and your driver’s license number, for example.

Your License Details

We will need to know what type of license you hold and for how long you’ve had it.

How does pay as you go insurance work for learner drivers?

Pay-as-you-go is flexible and is an affordable way to give you extra driving time with the added security of knowing that you will be covered should anything go wrong. You get instant cover with this insurance and only pay per the days you need. Get coverage for as little as one day at a time, with daily learner driver insurance. Or, you can also get longer-term coverage, such as monthly learner driver insurance.

It is very easy – you can apply online and get covered in no longer than 15 minutes. It is an entirely different policy from the existing annual car insurance of the owner’s vehicle, and they will by no means be affected should the learner have an accident.

You can drive your car at any time that suits you as long as you have someone with you. It is one of the best ways to prepare you and build up your driving confidence before your driving test.

Once you have passed your driving test, the insurance policy will no longer cover you.

What Does Pay As You Go Car Insurance Include?

Comprehensive cover

You will be covered should you be in an accident, if the car gets stolen, or if there is damage to the car due to driving on the roads. You will also be covered for damages due to man-made or natural calamities like riots or floods.

And you will be covered for any explosions or fires.

Total flexibility – 1 hour to 24 weeks

Pay-as-you-go is very flexible as you only pay for the cover you need, meaning there are no extra costs or strict guidelines on when you can be on the road and for how long.

You can get cover for a few hours, a couple of days, or even weeks or a month – it is entirely up to you. You are also free to drive your own car, a friend’s, or a family member’s car, and you can do it all in your own time.

You will also need to be supervised at all times by someone who is over the age of 25, with no exceptions.

Choose from hourly, daily, or weekly duration to a maximum of 24 weeks

The whole purpose of this insurance policy is to allow you time to practice your driving skills without the stress of worrying about something going wrong. You are free to take as little or as much time as you need.

You can easily drive at whatever time suits you, and you can practice for a couple of days or for a few months, whatever works for you. The option is entirely yours, and you can save money!

Low Excess

Excess is the first part of your claim that you will need to pay. With learner driver insurance, this fee is relatively low. All the costs involved are low, making this a cheap car insurance for young drivers.

For learner drivers aged 17 to 25

You need to hold a provisional driver’s license and be between the ages of 17 to 25 years to qualify for this type of car insurance policy.

Maximum car value £20,000 if owned by someone else

You are free to drive in your friend’s car or in a vehicle belonging to one of your family members. However, the total cost of the car may not exceed £20,000.

Maximum car value £10,000 if owned by the learner

You are free to practice in your car and do your driving test in your car as well, and this is the better option as you can get used to how the vehicle drives. However, the total cost of your vehicle may not be higher than £10,000.

Protect the car owner’s No Claims Discount

You are free to drive a family member’s car or a friend’s without putting their no-claims discount at risk, as you will be driving under fully comprehensive car insurance.

Pay as you go insurance for learner driver – am I eligible?


For your vehicle to be eligible, it should be registered within the United Kingdom, and its current market value should be no less than £500 and no higher than £25,000. The car cannot be a hire or rental vehicle and should not have any modifications.

The vehicle you use should also be covered under another policy and should be a minimum of 10 years old. The vehicle may not be used for foreign use, only for pleasure, domestic, and social reasons.

The vehicle should not have more than five seats, including the driver’s seat. It may not be in a police compound or be a seized vehicle. The vehicle may not be used to transport hazardous goods or drive in any dangerous locations.

The vehicle may also not be used to transport passengers or goods for reward-based purposes. The vehicle may not be used for pace-making, motor racing, track days, motor hire, reward, or trade usage.


To be eligible for learner driver insurance, you need to have a current provisional driving license valid in the UK and be between the ages of 17-25.
You need to be a permanent UK resident, meaning the address listed on your provisional insurance policy should match that of the one on your provisional driving licence.
You can only be legible if your license is clear of penalty points and you haven’t had any policies voided, cancelled, or even refused insurance. And a person over the age of 25 should be with you in the car at all times.
You should also not have any existing convictions or motoring offences or have been convicted of any offences that relate to theft, fraud, robbery, police enquiry, handling stolen goods, or pending prosecution.

Pay as you go insurance for learner drivers – what you will need to get covered?

Vehicle details

The vehicle details include the model, year and make of the car, the safety features, the vehicle identification number, and the vehicle registration number.

Policy duration

The policy duration refers to when you want the cover to start when you would like to end, and how long you would like the policy to be. It could be anything from one hour to as much as 24 weeks!

Details of supervising person and your personal details

You will need to give them your date of birth, full name, driver’s license number, and home address. You will also need to supply the details of the friend, relative, or person who will be supervising you. This concludes their personal details and driving information.

The person supervising you should have a full UK driving licence, and they should have had it for at least three years.

Your driving history

The insurer will need to know what type of driver’s license you currently hold and how long you have had it for.

Get Pay As You Go Insurance For A Learner Driver At GoShorty

Getting pay-as-you-go learner driver insurance with GoShorty is quick and easy! All you need to do is fill out a form, choose your options and get a quote, pay for your policy online, and voila, you are insured!

It works just the same way that a traditional car insurance policy does. The provisional license holder is covered under the insurance to drive their chosen vehicle, and the policy will work with the owner of the car’s current car insurance policy.

With GoShorty, provisional drivers can easily get in some extra practice and road time without worrying about something going wrong or paying high fees for extra driving lessons, thanks to temporary car insurance.

All you need to take out this learner insurance is a family member or friend over the age of 25, a provisional license, and a suitable car to drive in. GoShorty’s temporary car insurance policy is affordable and comes with tons of flexibility.

Once you have paid, you will receive instant cover, and all that is left to pay for is the hours, days or weeks you spend in your car on the road – you quite literally pay-as-you-go.

Our insurance policy aims to help learner drivers and make them feel more comfortable and confident on the roads. Doing a driving test can be stressful, but a lot of weight can be lifted off of your shoulders after taking the time to get in some extra practice.

There are no strict guidelines. You can use the insurance for as much practice time as you need or merely do your driver’s test in a car you are familiar with and feel comfortable using.

You are sure to pass your driver’s test. Once you have passed, your learner driver insurance policy will expire. However, it will still be valid for three hours after completing your test. This way, you can still drive yourself home if need be.

Pay-As-You-Go Learner Driver Insurance FAQs

Are all learner drivers required by law to have insurance cover?

Yes, all drivers are legally required to have some level of insurance before getting on to the roads. When doing driving lessons with an instructor, you’ll be covered by the driving school or the instructor.

You would need to take out provisional insurance if you had private lessons. You cannot be on the road without a form of cover. There are various insurance options to choose from, so you can easily find a cover that works for you.

Can I insure a vehicle without the registration number?

Can I insure a vehicle without the registration number?

Yes, you can. But it does come down to the insurance company. In most cases, you can get unregistered vehicle insurance as you need to get insurance before getting your car’s registration.

You generally cannot get a registration for your vehicle without having some form of insurance.

How much does pay-as-you-go insurance cost?

The cost of the insurance will depend on the insurance company you choose, as well as on your vehicle and your situation.

The prices differ if you opt for daily, weekly, or monthly. The total cost is very dependent on the type of car you drive, the length of your policy, and your age. GoShorty can give you a detailed quote and all costs involved suitable specifically to you and your circumstances.

Not found the answer you’re looking for? Either get in touch or checkout our other FAQs