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Courtesy Car Insurance

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Courtesy Car Insurance

1 hour to 28 days

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About the car you want to temporarily insure.

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What is a courtesy car?

If you’ve been in an accident, or your car is going to take a while to get repaired, your annual car insurance provider or garage can provide you with a courtesy car – usually a similar-sized vehicle to your own.
This will allow you to continue your day-to-day life whilst your own vehicle is in for repair, or until your insurance provider settles any outstanding issues.
However, you’re not always guaranteed a courtesy car. Courtesy cars are usually only provided if you paid for the service when taking out the policy, or you’re lucky enough that your insurance provider includes a courtesy car as standard. Even if they do provide you with a courtesy car, you won’t always be granted the same level of insurance as your annual car insurance policy.

What is courtesy car insurance?

If your courtesy car doesn’t come with insurance or includes a lower level of insurance than you’d like, your first instinct might be to add the replacement vehicle to your existing annual policy. However, this often comes with costly admin fees and can significantly impact your car insurance premiums.

The easiest and most affordable choice is temporary insurance. This provides a flexible option that won’t result in you paying over the odds for insurance on a replacement vehicle.

  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • 1 hour to 28 days flexible cover
  • Low Excess
  • Drivers aged 18 to 75
  • Maximum car value is £65,000
  • Protect the car owner’s No Claims Discount

What does courtesy car insurance cover?

You’ll receive fully comprehensive cover when you purchase courtesy car cover from GoShorty. You’ll also receive:

  • Low excess if you make a claim
  • Personal injury cover for you or anyone else involved in an accident
  • Protection for the primary policyholder’s no-claims bonus
  • Cover for accidental damage to the insured vehicle or another vehicle
  • Cover for loss of or damage to your vehicle as a result of accidental damage, malicious damage or vandalism, as well as fire, theft or attempted theft
  • Cover as a result of any claims made by a third party for property damage

There are some instances where you won’t be able to take out courtesy car insurance:

  • Minimum value for cars and vans: £500 subject to age restrictions
  • Maximum value: £60,000 for cars and £25,000 for vans
  • The vehicle must be registered in the UK
  • Foreign use is not permitted
  • Exporting is not permitted
  • The vehicle must not be modified. LPG conversions and disability modifications are acceptable
  • The vehicle must not be registered SORN and must not be seized by police
  • The car must have no more than 8 seats (or 5 for a commercial vehicle)
  • Rental or hire cars are not permitted

Get car insurance by the hour, day, week or month with GoShorty.

Why choose GoShorty for temporary courtesy car insurance?

If your replacement vehicle doesn’t come with comprehensive cover as standard, you’ll probably want to take out a comprehensive courtesy car insurance policy.
But why choose GoShorty?

Fast to arrange: You’ll likely need short-term cover in an instant when provided with a courtesy car. And you can get just that from GoShorty. Take out courtesy car insurance in a matter of minutes online today to help get you back on the road.

Protect your No Claims Bonus: If you’ve been provided with a courtesy car and insurance, you might need to add an additional driver for a short period. The easiest solution is to take out temporary car insurance with GoShorty. This provides you with flexible cover for however long you require. And even better, your no-claims bonus is protected with this standalone policy.

Fully flexible: When you receive your courtesy car, you probably won’t know how long you’ll need cover.

It’s likely you’ll probably only need the courtesy car for a short time, so why waste money on admin fees for adding and removing the vehicle from your existing policy?

That’s why short-term car insurance is the best solution. Take out a flexible, temporary courtesy car insurance policy from GoShorty for however long you require. If you need to extend your policy, you can do this within minutes on our website.

Fully-comprehensive car insurance: When you receive a courtesy car, it’s not always guaranteed to come with the highest level of cover – or any at all.

With temporary courtesy car insurance from GoShorty, you can relax, knowing you have the highest possible cover with fully-comprehensive car insurance.

This means you’ll be covered for any damage to the courtesy car, someone else’s car and any injuries sustained in an accident – regardless of who’s at fault. You’ll also be covered for fire and theft.

Low excess: If you do need to make a claim, you’ll only be required to pay a low excess.

Am I eligible for courtesy car insurance?

There are also some instances where you won’t be permitted to take out courtesy car cover from GoShorty. The following driver requirements are in place:

  • Aged between 18-75 or 21-75 for commercial purposes
  • Must have held a full UK or EU/EEA driving licence for at least six months if aged 18-25 or 3 months aged over 25
  • Have had no more than two accidents and received no more than six penalty points in the past three years, and had no driving ban in the past 60 months
  • Be a resident of the UK for 12 months minimum and have a permanent UK address
  • Never been refused insurance or had a policy cancelled or voided
  • Have no convictions for any criminal offences or any possible prosecution pending

Courtesy Car Insurance FAQs

How do I claim on courtesy car insurance?

If you’ve had an accident and need to claim, you’ll need to contact your insurance provider. If you’ve taken out insurance with GoShorty, check your policy documents to find out which of the insurance providers you’re with.

Once you know which insurance provider you’re under, call the appropriate number:

KGM Underwriting:

0333 555 5909

First Underwriting Ltd:

0344 854 1157


0800 681 6371


0344 573 6651


0345 122 3018

Or for customer services and general enquiries, call:

0333 433 0001 (local rate number)

Can you get temporary car insurance on a courtesy car?

Yes, you can! It’s quick and easy to get temporary car insurance on a courtesy car with GoShorty. Get a quote today for flexible cover for your courtesy car within minutes.

How much does courtesy car insurance cost?

The cost of taking out courtesy car cover will depend on the vehicle, your driving history and many other factors. It’s quick and easy to get a quote for courtesy car cover with GoShorty: simply enter the registration number and a few details about yourself to determine how much it will cost.

Not found the answer you’re looking for? Either get in touch or checkout our other FAQs