29 Sep

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

Short Term Van Insurance

If you’ve decided it’s time to improve your interiors and upgrade furniture – there can be one big stumbling block – how do you get rid of your old and outdated items to make room for the new?

Whether it’s a shabby sofa or a tatty table, paying for a private waste collection service can be expensive. Furthermore, waiting for a local authority collection service can have many restrictions and take weeks to arrange.

A far more affordable way is to borrow a van from a friend or family member – this allows you to take the items without delay to your local authority recycling centre.

Short Term Van Insurance

It’s incredibly easy to ensure you’re fully covered to drive the van by taking out short-term van insurance with GoShorty. Fully comprehensive insurance can be purchased within minutes online and you can buy cover for as little as an hour, right up to 28 days. Taking out temporary van insurance for a few days, for example, could allow you to do a thorough clear out of everything that is unwanted.

If the items are heavy and you need some help, or perhaps are not confident driving a large van, then you may need to ask a friend to help, but pay for temporary van insurance to provide total reassurance.

Meanwhile, local authorities will typically use waste items for energy generation, where appropriate. But, it is not the only option and others include:

Is there a local charity furniture co-operative?

If you have a local charity that sells second-hand furniture, it could be that they will allow you to drop off items in the van or have them collected. They may want to see them first and will also want to ensure they meet fire regulations.

Offer it to a friend

Your unwanted furniture could be exactly what a friend needs, particularly if they are starting out. Or, do you know someone who would like the piece to then sell it on?  Even if it needs some work, upcycling has become extremely on-trend, as shown by the popularity of the BBC’s Money for Nothing show. A chest of drawers, for example, can be given a new lease of life by stripping wood, repainting and adding new handles – if you can drop it off to them in your borrowed van, they may be delighted to take the item on.

Advertise online

An item that is not to your taste could be favoured by someone else. There are sites like Ebay and Gumtree where you can set a price or accept offers, or others like Freegle where you offer the item for free. This can take time though, and if there are no takers, then you may again need to take the item to a recycling centre.

Are we becoming less of a throw-away society? The fact that many of us now spend time to think about how we dispose of old furniture responsibly is positive. A new look at home does not always mean having to buy new – why not check out the preowned market to provide your replacements? If you need to collect, you can also be assured that GoShorty can cover your borrowed van as you make the pick up.

Get a quote on Short Term Van Insurance today, and see how cheap it can be to cover a van for a short period of time.