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How to plan a road trip with friends

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Have you ever wanted to hit the road? Feel the wind in your hair, the open road in front of you and your friends at your side? The road trip holds a mysterious fascination for many of us. They feature in songs, films and books. There is a certain allure to setting out on a journey with no aim in mind.

For most people, this sort of journey is not really feasible. Commitments get in the way of the sort of  truly open ended trip you see in the movies. However, that doesn’t mean that a road trip is not possible. Instead, it just means that you might need a little planning to make the most of it.


Every journey comes to an end. It may seem a strange place to start, but when you’re planning your road trip, you need a destination in mind. Even if you stop for a moment and start home again, every road trip has its furthest point.

Choosing a destination is one of the most fun parts of planning out your trip. You need to consider a few things. How far are you and your friends really going to want to drive? Don’t make plans to go somewhere much further away than you are likely to reach. Equally, you do need to plan your trip to somewhere far enough away. You don’t want your trip to be over too soon!

Try to calculate how many miles you would feel comfortable driving in a day. If you are sharing the driving, consider the total number of miles between you. Then, think about how many days you want the trip to last. That should help you figure out a rough distance away for your final destination.


A road trip is not just about driving somewhere far away. It’s about the places you go along the way. Planning a route is about giving yourself the opportunities to find adventures. Start by taking a look at all the places you might be interested in visiting between your start and end points.

Then, you can start to plot a route between them. Try not to plot too roundabout a route. Consider how far off route you can go, while still getting to your destination for the day. Equally, try to make sure that you have a bit of flexibility. You don’t want to avoid a potentially fun excursion because you have a strict timetable to keep.


A road trip needs a few things. It needs a route, a plan, and a vehicle. Making sure that your car or van is fit for the trip is essential. This needs you to check that the tyres, air filters, oil and fluids are all good enough to drive a long way. You need properly working lights, and a spare tyre / repair kit. It is often worth getting a professional to make these checks for you.

Depending on how long you want to road trip for, you may well need to stop over-night. You have two options here. Either go where the wind takes you, and hope you can find somewhere to stay when the evening comes; or, plan ahead and book rooms for each of your over-night destinations.

It is also a good idea to have some form of roadside assistance. Whether you are a member of the AA, or an equivalent recovery service, you want the reassurance that if something were to go wrong, you could be rescued.


What’s a road trip without snacks? Who doesn’t love to munch away the hours on a long journey? It doesn’t have to be all about burgers, chips and chocolate in between. A road trip is a perfect time to try out a range of local restaurants and takeaways across the country.

While you are driving, the temptation is often to snack away on unhealthy pre-prepared snacks like crisps and sweets. There is definitely a time and place for this type of snack – it just isn’t all the time! Try bringing a cooler of pre-cut healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables, or slices of meat and cheese.

Sharing the Drive

The most important part of a road trip is the people you do it with. Doing it alone is just driving somewhere far away. Having friends along for the ride is what makes the journey special. They also give you the chance to share the driving. While a road trip is fun, driving it all yourself can make it more of a job than a holiday.

When you share the journey with your friends, you might be tempted to add them as named drivers to your insurance policy. This seems an easy fix. However, if one of your named drivers were to have an accident while driving your car, they could affect your no-claims bonus even though you were not driving.

Temporary Car Insurance

Planning a road trip is a mixture of leaving room for adventures and preparing just enough to be safe. If you plan on sharing the driving with your friends, then buying temporary car insurance for them is about being safe. Temporary car insurance lets you insure your friends on your car for between 1 hour and 28 days. If one of your friends were to have an accident while driving, they would be covered separately by their temporary policy, preserving your no-claims bonus for you.

Temporary Car Insurance from GoShorty gives you peace of mind on your road trip. Make sure that your car is safely insured, and that you can have fun sharing the driving with your friends on your road trip.

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