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Get to know our Head of Compliance

Name: Alia Braithwaite

Job title: Head of Compliance

What are some of your priorities as Head of Compliance?

I regularly perform business audits, this includes things such as: ensuring GoShorty are meeting all regulatory requirements; this includes reviewing our processes and documents such as the company Terms & Conditions, which are things you would expect from the role, but also, things such as making sure that customers are receiving the best service they could have been given, the team are receiving the correct training and that we’re reporting correctly as a business.

The industry is ever changing and it is my role to ensure that the business stays up-to-date with any new regulations and make sure we’re complying to those rules whilst maintaining the commerciality of the business.

What made you choose Compliance as a career and how did you get into temporary insurance?

I’ve been working in compliance for over 13 years now! I think it’s a really interesting topic to get into and applying my knowledge to the temporary insurance industry came over time.

I originally started as a customer service agent and eventually moved into Quality Assurance for a national insurance broker. It was there that I was really able to develop my skills and gain experience, working my way up from Compliance Manager to Head of Compliance.  I then became a consultant which allowed me to really utilise my skills and help a variety of businesses. 

My consultancy work gave me the opportunity to meet with the GoShorty team and really get to know the business and understand what the team were trying to achieve.  I knew that I could help and really wanted to get involved, so here I am now, the Head of Compliance at GoShorty!

What keeps you motivated working in Compliance?

I like that there is always something to learn and that there so many moving parts.  The role is interesting and gives me something to work towards every day.  It does come with its challenges, but remaining knowledgeable on the topic and how the regulations effect the business is something that really does drive me.

What is your best professional achievement?

I am really proud of the hard work I’ve put in over the years to enable me to have such a continued organic upwards trajectory in my career.  It hasn’t been easy and having time off for maternity leave, made me come back more determined to be the best I could be.

Favourite artist & album?

My most played album is ‘For Emma’ by Bon Iver, but anything by The Beatles is a close second.

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

My family of course!, but outside of family and work it would be my running trainers. 

I’ve been part of a running club for over 3 years and qualified for a place in the English Championship at the London Marathon, so to prepare for my first marathon, I completed an intensive 16 weeks training plan to get myself ready for it. 

I ran the marathon in April and it was such an insane experience that I’m extremely proud of completing.  It was raining on the day, but to experience the support of thousands of people cheering you on for over 26 miles is something I will never forget.

Have you ever used temporary vehicle insurance and if so, what for?

I actually use temporary car insurance more often than you would think!

We only have one car in our household so usually, if one of us takes the car out and the other needs to do something like take the children out or run to the shop, we usually use GoShorty for quick temporary insurance cover for an hour or so and borrow our parents car.

This gives us the freedom and flexibility to know that we can still get out and about by borrowing a car and get insured quickly and only for when we need it.  It also saves us money and the environment by only having the one vehicle!

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