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Two million individuals in the UK experience SAD in the winter months. Often referred to as the ‘winter blues’, this disorder involves suffering from low mood, having little energy and limited motivation, making the start of the year rough for many! 

So what does temporary car insurance have to do with boosting moods in the dreary months of the year? Well, many people enjoy driving and find setting out on a peaceful drive quite therapeutic. So rather than freezing whilst trying to force yourself out of the house on a walk in the winter months, going for a ‘self-care drive’ instead can be a great way to combat the winter blues.

How Driving Can Be Therapeutic

When you’re driving you have to be focused on what’s going on right there on the road, so if you find yourself lost in your own head, going for a long drive can be a great way to shake yourself up and help regain some focus. 

Getting out and taking a peaceful, long drive – especially with a friend – to a scenic area, or a sunny spot is another great way a drive can be beneficial to you. This is because exposure to natural light (even on cloudy days!) can help to boost serotonin levels. 

Turning to a long, relaxing drive when feeling stressed or nervous about upcoming events, allows you to ‘switch off’ because you have to focus on the road. So as well as boosting your mood, it can also help with nerves. 

Driving is particularly mood-boosting if you like listening (or singing along) to music, nothing blows off the cobwebs like a solo sing-along to your favourite music in the privacy of your car. 

If you are without a car but feel like getting out on the road would help lift your mood, you can see if a friend or family member will lend you their car. With our temporary insurance cover, you can get a quote and be on the road in under two minutes. No time at all between you and a mood-boosting drive. Our flexible options mean you can get insured for the amount of time you’ll be on your therapeutic drive – hourly car insurance should be ideal.

Nature has been proven to ease feelings of stress and sadness. As such, taking a long drive with your favourite songs or with a good pal to an area such as a nature reserve is a great way to help alleviate low moods. 

Though the distraction of focusing on the roads can help you avoid negative thoughts, and re-centre your mind – it is best never to get behind the wheel if you are feeling overwhelmingly emotional, as your focus might be compromised. 

Try to make your journey as calm as possible, whether by putting on your favourite soothing playlist or enjoying some aromatherapy in your car. This can be done by using a car diffuser and scents like lavender or chamomile and picking a route that avoids any stressful situations.

Driving in the winter months, when SAD is most prominent, is more precarious due to factors such as ice or snow. As a result, you should always make sure the vehicle you’re driving is in good condition, whether the brakes, tyres, or lights, and check the weather forecast to make sure it is safe to drive. 

In addition, if you are experiencing any lethargy or a very low mood, make sure to avoid getting behind the wheel – you don’t want to cause any accidents. 

Want to hit the road today for some peace and serenity? You can get a quote from us in under two minutes so you can go on a mood-boosting drive with the complete peace of mind that you are comprehensively insured.

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