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This summer, more parents with children at home are staying put instead of going away. They’ll make the most of the time together with some carefully planned days out. It’s not only fun to reconnect at home, but this year at least, a lot less stressful all round.

Many are unsure about travel abroad, with widespread confusion as to where exactly is safe to go, plus the fast-changing traffic light system can force people into unexpected quarantine. That’s not to mention the crowded airport terminals, queues, and expensive Covid-19 tests. As for UK holiday rentals, in many cases, prices have sky-rocketed, both because of exceptional demand and a need to make up for lost income during lockdowns.

If you don’t own a vehicle and are at home in the holidays, why not think about car sharing?  This could be the perfect time to pick up on a trend that’s catching on across the whole UK.

It’s the modern route that many people are choosing. Who needs a car that you may only use occasionally and paying tax, annual insurance, and maintenance?  It may take a bit of compromise in agreeing who uses the car on what days, but there are plenty of families who have been using such arrangements for years. Whether you share with a friend, family member or neighbour, car sharing is an economical and convenient solution.

So, let the good times roll at home and think about where you’ll take the kids.

For some that will be the beach, or for others it could be a country park. There may well be local festivals or outdoor concerts to go to. Attractions are finally open and there are plenty of events going on and places to see.

Access to a car will always add flexibility and freedom and means you can visit places that may be more inaccessible and not be tied to bus or train timetables.

With GoShorty, car sharers also simply pay for temporary car insurance as and when they borrow the car for an hour up to 28 days – it’s quality, inexpensive cover that’s bought in minutes.

Enjoy the holidays!