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Frequently Asked Questions – Vehicle Usage

What can I use my Van for with a GoShorty policy?

Cover is available for social, domestic and pleasure use, social domestic and pleasure use including commuting to a single place of work, carriage of own goods or carriage of goods for hire and reward depending on the option selected during your quote. Please be aware, there is no cover for any goods carried in or on the vehicle, so you’ll need to find a separate policy with another provider to cover those goods (Please check our insurer criteria before purchasing).

What types of work can I use my van for with a GoShorty policy?

There are some types of work that we can permit under our temporary van insurance policies, and some that we cannot.
Types of work we can generally permit under our policies:

  • Tradesman/Tradeswoman
  • Office Worker
  • Dog Walker
  • Carrying goods on behalf of others (e.g. courier) if specified during your quote

Types of work we cannot permit under our policies:

  • Taxi use or commercial travelling of any kind
  • Use in connection with the Motor trade
  • Use to carry hazardous or dangerous goods

Please check here for full details –

Does a learner need car insurance?

Yes, a learner driver needs car insurance to be able to drive. They can either be put on an existing policy as a named driver, or they will need to get an insurance policy that covers them specifically.

Can you insure a car with a provisional licence?

Yes, but you need to have a supervising driver with you. A supervising driver needs to be aged 25 or older, and must hold a current, full UK driving licence which was issued at least 3 years ago.

Can I drive abroad with this insurance?

You can, however you will have to start and end your insured journey in the UK.  All of our insurance policies will be provided with the minimum level cover whilst driving in the European Union.

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