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Learning to drive is a scary prospect, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the car you’re learning in. Luckily, GoShorty offers several temporary learner driver insurance types that can be used for your own car!

Whether you want hourly, daily, or monthly learner car insurance, we can provide you with a cover that’ll make the learning process all the more enjoyable.

However, learner drivers’ insurance works slightly differently from standard insurance claims, and it’s important to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs before buying.

Who Should Take Out Learner Driver Insurance On Their Own Car?

Getting learner drivers’ insurance on your car holds many benefits, mainly that you get prepared for the road in the car you’ll be driving once you pass! Taking out an insurance policy is vital if you’re learning privately in your car or a friend or family member’s car.

What happens if you’re driving someone else’s car?

If you’re learning in your driving instructor’s car, then learner insurance is not necessary. If you’re planning on using your parent’s or friend’s car, then they could either add you as a ‘named driver’, or you could take out your own learner driver car insurance.

When can you buy learner car insurance on your own car?

You can take out learner car insurance on your own car from GoShorty if you’re aged 17-25, and your vehicle has a maximum value of £10,000 and is at least 10 years old. You also must have a provisional driving licence.

If you’re taking out an insurance policy for a car that belongs to a friend or parent, the vehicle can have a maximum value of £20,000.

The Benefits Of Getting Learner Insurance On Your Own Car

The main benefits of getting learner driver insurance on your car include:

You can use learner driver insurance for your test

If you decide to take out monthly learner driver insurance from GoShorty, you can use this policy to cover you for your driving test – as long as your test falls within the time frame of the stated dates written in the policy. If you pass your test, monthly learner driver insurance is valid for 3 hours, giving you sufficient time to drive home.

If you fail your test, your monthly learner driver insurance is still valid until the date stated in the policy.

It gives you extra practice

Being able to practice driving in your car whenever you like (under supervision) can be hugely beneficial to your driving progress. For some people, driving lessons aren’t enough to get them comfortable with driving, and they need extra time behind the wheel.

Comprehensive cover

Learner driver insurance policies from GoShorty come fully comprehensive. This means that in the event of an accident, not only are you covered but also third parties.

The Rules Of Getting Learner Driver Insurance On Your Own Car

GoShorty learner insurance cover holds many benefits for new drivers, but there are also a number of rules that you need to be familiar with to use our policies lawfully.

Only you can use the insurance policy

Learner driver insurance is only made for the learner driver. No one else can use this insurance policy to drive the car. This means that although your supervisor is on hand to take over the wheel in a state of emergencies, they are not actually covered for driving the vehicle. For this reason, your supervisor may want to take out their own separate insurance policy.

You need a supervisor with you at all times

You must have a qualified driver supervisor in the car at all times. This supervisor is there primarily to ensure you don’t do anything wrong on the road but can also offer good insight and provide useful tips that you may not have picked up on in your driving lessons. The supervisor is also there to take over the wheel if things get dangerous.

Your supervisor can be a family member or friend, but it doesn’t have to be. They do, however, require a full driving licence (and had it for a minimum of 3 years), be over the age of 25, have good eyesight, and offer their assistance for free. Only official driving instructors can charge to sit in and monitor your driving.

It runs out once you pass your test

Your learner driver insurance is only valid for 3 hours as soon as you pass your test. These 3 hours are designed to give you enough time to drive home legally. Of course, if you fail the test, the insurance policy remains valid for as long as it was originally meant to.

It would be a good idea to time your test for the end of the month’s term in order to get the most out of your learner driver insurance. Once passed, you’ll need to arrange either young driver insurance or temporary car insurance to get out on the road.

If your insurance policy runs out before you sit your driving test, you could take out hourly learner driver insurance to cover your test.

You need to display your L plates

As the car owner, you must display your L plates at all times for your provisional insurance to be considered valid. An L plate must be visible in your car’s front and rear window while keeping your view unobstructed.

How Does Learner Insurance Affect Your No Claims Discount?

Instead of getting a parent or friend to add you on as a ‘named driver’ for a car, you should take out learner driver insurance as it provides both parties with benefits.

As soon as you take out learner insurance on your car, you can start to earn your no-claims bonus! No matter how long it takes you to pass your test, your no-claims bonus will be building from the day you take out the insurance policy.

Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense now, taking out a learner driver insurance policy will save you money in the long run as, as long as you don’t get into an accident, your no claims discount will be bigger.

Plus, taking out a learner driver insurance policy means that your parent’s or friends’ no claims discount isn’t affected if you are in an accident. This would not be the case if you were listed as a ‘named driver’ for your parent’s car.

Final Thoughts

GoShorty offers flexible provisional driver insurance, which you can take out for your own car or someone else’s. We offer learner insurance by the hour, day, and even month, meaning you could take out insurance to cover as little as one hour and as big as 24 weeks. No matter how much extra driving practice you need, GoShorty has a policy for you!

To get a car insurance quote, all you need is a provisional driving licence and a supervisor lined up. In the first part of the application, you must provide details about your vehicle, such as the make, model, and registration number. Then you’ll set the policy duration, provide details about your supervisor, and give a brief history of your driving experience.

Whether you want hourly or daily learner driver insurance, get a quote from GoShorty today!