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As the festive season unwraps itself with joy and merriment, it’s tempting to extend the Christmas cheer to our vehicles. Google Trends shows a 62% surge in searches for “Christmas car decorations”, with drivers wanting to pimp their rides with festive flair. We can’t blame them!

While a decked-out car might seem like a festive dream, a cautionary note is essential. Experts warn that Christmas car decorations could potentially play the Grinch with your temporary insurance policy, posing risks that go beyond a simple fa-la-la. 

Let’s unwrap the details and explore how to balance holiday spirit with responsible motoring…

Decorations Could Cause Increases in Theft

With Christmas trees sparkling in homes and houses adorned with twinkling lights, the desire to extend the festive spirit to our cars is entirely understandable. The allure of turning our vehicles into festive chariots is undeniable, but there’s more to this holiday makeover than meets the eye.

Despite the desire to make our cars festive masterpieces, as an insurance company, it’s our duty to warn that such decorations could turn into an unwelcome gift. Decorating a car is often considered a vehicle modification. This is because aesthetic upgrades can make the vehicle more attractive to thieves and, consequently, impact the likelihood of insurance claims as your risk of a robbery or theft changes dramatically. The risk isn’t just about denied claims; it extends to potential premium hikes as insurers calculate the increased risk associated with modified vehicles. 

To be clear, this isn’t a no to any decorations! Just those that significantly alter the appearance, for example, you might not want to wrap the whole car in tinsel. So just ensure you err on the side of caution and moderation if decorating your car.

Decorations Can Cause Distractions

At GoShorty, your safety on the road is our top priority, especially during the festive season. While the temptation to glam your car is real, it’s crucial to recognise the potential risks associated with overly obnoxious or obstructive decorations. 

Overly elaborate decorations inside the car can act as distractions, diverting the driver’s attention and increasing the likelihood of a collision. Drivers need to appreciate the importance of prioritising safety over their vehicle’s festive exuberance. Ensuring a clear and unobstructed view while driving is essential. We all encourage some Christmassy-themed fun and your car should be no different, we just love to strike a balance between celebrating the holidays and maintaining a safe driving environment.

GoShorty users need to be aware that, according to insurance standards, if your vehicle is deemed to have distracting decorations and you’re involved in a collision, there’s a risk that your insurance might be considered invalid, despite our thorough fully comprehensive cover, in-car distractions often end up voiding insurance. This is a significant concern, as it could result in complications when processing a claim, potentially leaving you without the coverage you need. 

We want to ensure that our users can enjoy the festive season without unnecessary worries, so we recommend exercising caution and avoiding excessive or obstructive decorations that could compromise your safety on the road. Safety always comes first, and adhering to insurance guidelines helps guarantee a worry-free holiday season.

Navigating the Festive Road Safely

Don’t let the scrooge come out to play, stick to responsible decorating. A bit of tinsel never hurt anybody and we love a santa air freshener, but caution is advised to prevent decorations that could obstruct your vision or violate legal regulations.

As you navigate the roads during this sparkly season, consider these actionable tips to strike a balance between Santa spirit and road safety – just because he can carry a big sack of presents on the back of his vehicle sadly doesn’t mean we can!

Be Mindful of Vision Obstruction:

  • Avoid decorations that obstruct your vision or create blind spots
  • Ensure that all decorations comply with legal regulations regarding visibility

Moderation is Key:

  • Embrace festive decorations in moderation
  • A few well-placed elements can exude holiday charm without raising insurance eyebrows

 Check with Your Insurer:

  • If in doubt about specific modifications, consult with your insurer
  • Seek clarity on whether your chosen decorations align with insurance policies

Safety First:

  • Prioritise safety over excessive embellishments
  • Choose decorations that enhance your car’s festive appeal without compromising your ability to drive safely

 Consider Vehicle Tracking:

  •  If you think your car could be a tempting target for thieves due to decorations, consider installing a vehicle tracking system for added security!

Car modifications don’t necessarily need to be excessive to potentially invalidate an insurance policy. Even seemingly minor changes, if deemed distracting or compromising safety, could pose challenges when processing claims. To ensure a smooth and worry-free holiday season, we advise our users to strike a balance between festive creativity and adhering to insurance guidelines, guaranteeing that your vehicle modifications won’t jeopardise your coverage in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

So, go out this Christmas and lap up the festive joy, exercise caution with the jingle bells but by all means get the Bublé CD on the speakers. Just remember, it’s crucial to approach Christmas car decorations with caution. By exercising moderation, prioritising safety, and consulting with your insurer, you can strike the perfect balance between holiday spirit and responsible motoring. 

Let your car shine with the magic of the season, all while ensuring a safe and joyful journey through the festive roads. Merry Christmas!

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