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Driving is one of the most common activities many of us will undertake. Whilst it is practical, convenient, and even fun, it can also be quite risky. Did you know that the UK is home to around 1 million uninsured drivers?

It’s always the safest bet to insure yourself, so you don’t run into any complications during a road accident – but what happens, even if you only have temporary car insurance, if an uninsured driver hits you?

If this has ever been a worry of yours, read on. Our expert advice on the procedures to follow if an uninsured driver has hit you will steer you in the right direction.

What should you do after being hit by an uninsured driver?

You may be asking yourself, what happens if an uninsured driver hits me? Luckily, there are a few simple steps you will need to take to ensure your claim is successful after being hit.

  1. First, you will want to note as many details regarding the accident as possible. The make, model, and colour of the car and the driver’s licence plate number are crucial.
  2. As soon as you can, you should contact the police to report that an accident happened. If you have sustained a personal injury, you must talk to the police within 14 days. Any vehicle damage should be reported within five days.
  3. Finally, you will want to file a claim with your comprehensive car insurance provider or the Motor Insurers Bureau.

When contacting the police, always report that the driver is uninsured. This is extremely important and will help support any claim compensation.

Will your no claims discount be affected if you were in an accident with an uninsured driver?

Yes, your no claims discount may be affected if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver. 

As the driver at fault is not insured, your insurance company will generally need to pay out your claim. This will depend entirely on your chosen insurance company, so always get in touch to discuss whether your no claims discount will be impacted.

What to do if the other vehicle drives off after hitting you?

If the other driver leaves the accident scene, they will be considered an untraceable driver. Even if this is the case, you should still contact the police and report the accident to your insurance provider. Try to check the area the accident happened in for CCTV or witnesses, as this can help your case.

In most cases, as long as you have a record of the vehicle’s registration number, the police should be able to track them down.

What happens if the other driver can’t be traced?

Claiming insurance on untraced drivers can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the uninsured vehicle’s license plate. If you find yourself in this situation, try to gather as much evidence as possible.

Dashcam and CCTV footage are extremely useful in these scenarios, and if possible, try to find a couple of witnesses who may be able to support your claim. The MIB may be able to help you out in this scenario!

How can you find out if a driver is insured or not?

It can be difficult to tell when the driver who hit you is uninsured if they flee the scene. However, the MIB can help you check whether or not the other driver is insured as long as you have the other vehicle’s license plate.

The MIB keeps a database listing every insured vehicle in the UK, known as the Motor Insurance Database. If the other driver’s insurance details aren’t in this database, you are likely to be dealing with a driver without insurance.

Can you claim against an uninsured driver?

Yes, it is still possible to claim against an uninsured or untraced driver.

There are two main ways to claim an insurance driver after a car accident. The first way is through your insurance provider, as long as you have a comprehensive car insurance policy.

The second is by seeking the aid of the MIB. The MIB (Motor Insurance Buero) specialise in claims involving uninsured drivers, which can be extremely helpful if you don’t have access to any comprehensive car insurance policies!

For more support, we highly recommend you go and check out our guide on what to do after a car accident.

What conditions do you need to meet to make a claim?

When it comes to claiming car insurance, a few conditions are needed to succeed in your claim. Not all insurance providers will have the same conditions, so always check your provider’s regulations when making a claim.

Some conditions you can expect are:

If you are using your vehicle for learning purposes, you must ensure that any other drivers are insured. Temporary learner driver insurance is a great way to avoid legal trouble when helping someone learn to drive!

Will your claim be approved if you were hit by an untraceable driver? 

This will depend entirely on whether or not you can track down the other driver. Your claim will likely be approved if you can find the uninsured driver.

However, in cases where the untraceable driver is completely lost, it can be hard to get your claim approved. The MIB, your insurance company and the police may still be able to help your claim, especially if you can prove that you’re not at fault.

Where Can You Find Evidence To Support A Claim Against An Untraced Driver?

Tracking down an untraced driver can be tough, especially if you didn’t have time to make a note of their license plate. Thankfully, there are still ways you can provide evidence that will support claims involving personal injury or vehicular damage.


Dashcams are excellent gadgets, especially if you want to prove your innocence. As they show a clear view of an accident, they can help you receive compensation if an insured driver has hit you.

Try to ensure that the footage shows the moment the driver hit your vehicle and that their license plate is clearly in view.


If you know of potential CCTV cameras in the accident area, you can use these to help your car insurance claim. CCTV footage will provide a clear overview of the accident, which can prove your innocence and help you find the uninsured driver through their license plate.


Witnesses can be an excellent way to gather evidence for your insurance claim, especially if the uninsured driver flees the scene. A witness may have spotted details regarding the uninsured driver’s vehicle that you missed out on, which can aid your case.

Take photos

Although this can be difficult if the accident happens quickly, taking a photo of the other driver can help your case. Any pictures of the driver’s vehicle can help you track them down if they flee the scene and can be the evidence the police need to track the uninsured driver down.

If an uninsured driver hits your vehicle, try to remain calm and take photos through your phone. The more evidence you have, the higher your chances of a successful claim.

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What happens to uninsured drivers in an accident?

If you are responsible for the accident, then the uninsured driver will be able to claim through your insurance provider. However, if they are at fault, your insurance provider will be responsible for any claims.

In most cases, if the other driver responsible for the accident is uninsured, they will face police charges.

What is an uninsured driver promise?

An uninsured driver promise is included in a typical comprehensive insurance policy to cover you for any accident involving a driver without insurance. This will ensure that your excess fee is reimbursed and your no-claims are reinstated after a claim.

Will my insurance premiums go up if an uninsured driver hits me?

Sadly, your insurance premiums will go up if an uninsured driver hits your vehicle in most cases. The impact will be lessened if this is a no-fault claim, but your insurance is likely to always go up whenever you make an insurance claim.

What percentage of UK drivers are uninsured?

Although there is no exact record of how many drivers are uninsured in the UK, the most recent estimate is around 4%. This means that roughly 1-million drivers in the UK are driving without insurance.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know exactly how to handle an accident with an uninsured vehicle, you should be able to drive with peace of mind. Always try to note any details concerning the other car to help ensure your claim is successful.

We would also recommend investing in a dashcam; they are a fantastic way to keep your premiums low, but they can help out in an accident.

Drive safely, and keep our tips in mind to ensure that you are never left without insurance.

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