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Are you finding that car ownership is not only a drain on your pocket, but no longer fits in with your lifestyle? You aren’t alone. Many more of us now work largely from home with only the odd day in a workplace. So, we don’t need a car for a daily commute. Perhaps your children are now increasingly independent and no longer rely on you to act as their taxi driver? Or it could be that you pretty much know when you need access to a car, such as when doing the weekly shop, or for planned trips out of your local area.

What’s the solution?

The answer to this increasingly common situation is to come to an agreement to either share or borrow a car, which may be possible with a friend or family member. You can agree to pay a share of the costs, such as for fuel or servicing and on how you make use of the car so that both parties’ benefit. This is also a positive move for the environment, and it can work particularly well if you live in an area where there is adequate public transport.

What makes borrowing a car when you need it even easier is the ready availability of temporary car insurance. Cover from GoShorty is fully comprehensive and easy to buy online, taking just a few minutes, with the documents emailed to your inbox.

The other big plus point is that temporary car insurance cover is extremely affordable, so if you choose to ditch your car and share one instead, you’ll soon notice some big savings.

Short-term cover – it’s flexible and convenient

This is insurance you can rely on, and the car owner’s No Claims Bonus remains protected. What’s more, if you do need to claim, you can be assured that GoShorty only uses trusted insurers that provide quality service.

GoShorty is all about flexibility and you can take out insurance for as little as an hour, up to 28 days.

Once you’re covered by short term car insurance, you can use the vehicle for a wide range of uses, to include social, commuting, and personal business use. There are a host of different reasons why temporary car  insurance cover works so well for so many people, such as when sharing the driving on a longer journey, transporting a heavy item from a store to your home or test driving a car that is being privately sold to name but a few examples.

Wide acceptance criteria

People of all ages – from 18 to 75 – can take out cover from GoShorty and you can cover many types of cars and vans – van drivers need to be aged 21 or over.

Vehicles need a valid MOT and can have a value of from £500 right up to £60,000. You simply need to have held a full driver’s licence (UK or EU/EEA) for at least six months and to have had no more than two accidents, claims or losses in the last three years regardless of fault. You must also have had no more than six penalty points in the last three years and to have been resident in the UK for at least 12 months and with a permanent address.

Find your perfect insurance partner in GoShorty – get a temporary insurance quote today. Alternatively, use our temporary car insurance calculator to give you an idea of how much your policy could cost. It takes seconds to generate an estimated price.