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As a driver in the United Kingdom, you are legally obligated to be insured when on the roads, no matter what vehicle you’re driving. The minimum requirement is third-party insurance, but being fully insured is ultimately more beneficial.

Many young drivers will borrow their parents’ car when they first start driving, so we’re going to outline in this vehicle insurance guide, the best ways to be insured when using your parent’s car.

4 Ways to Become Insured on Your Parent’s Car

The best way for you to be insured on your parent’s car will depend on your circumstances and the type of insurance policy your parents have for the vehicle.

1. Become a Named Driver

If you’re going to be using your parents’ car occasionally, then it is worth becoming a named driver on their insurance. This is often the most cost-effective option when you’re a regular user of the vehicle.

However, you should ensure that you’re not guilty of fronting – where you are the primary driver of a vehicle but not listed as such on the insurance documents. While insuring a vehicle with a more experienced driver as the main driver can get you a cheaper rate, it is considered insurance fraud and comes with heavy consequences. 

2. Get Your Own Car Insurance Policy

As the main driver, you need to have your own insurance policy for the vehicle, even if you are not the owner.

Young driver insurance costs can be quite high, as new drivers are considered a higher risk. The benefit of having your insurance covered is that you get your own no-claims discount and will build up a better relationship with an insurance company.

Read our article for more information on how to keep insurance prices down for young drivers.

3. Use Temporary Insurance

If you use your parents’ car to learn to drive or only use it occasionally, temporary insurance is a great option. It can work out cheaper than being added to your parents’ car insurance or getting your own. It also means that you won’t impact their no-claims discount if you get into an accident.

GoShorty is a reputable temporary insurance provider. They offer a variety of car and van insurance covers, as well as learner driver insurance.

4. Use the ‘Drive Other Cars’ feature

If you have young driver insurance cover for your car, it is worth investigating if it has the ‘Drive Other Cars’ feature included. This feature covers you when you borrow someone else’s vehicle and means that you don’t need to take out additional car insurance for that trip.

Benefits of Being Insured on Your Parents’ Car

Being insured on your parent’s car is fantastic when you are learning to drive or are a new driver. It means that you don’t need to deal with the added expenses of owning your own vehicle while still having the freedom to drive.

When you are insured on your parent’s car, whether through your parents’ car insurance policy or through your own, you can legally drive the vehicle wherever you like. You won’t need to stress about what happens if you get into an accident, and you won’t run the risk of getting unwanted points added to your licence.

If you are still a learner driver, your parents can also play the role of supervising driver, giving you more time to practice. This will help you improve your driving skills and reduce the number of lessons you may need, helping you to save money in the meantime.

What Happens if You Drive without Insurance?

Driving without insurance can have serious repercussions. The United Kingdom has the Motor Insurance Database, which allows the police to identify uninsured vehicles using an automated licence plate scanner.

If you are caught driving without car insurance, you will get six penalty points added to your driving licence and a fine of three hundred pounds. If you are driving your parent’s car at the time, they could also be penalised as they didn’t make sure you were insured before letting you drive.

There could be serious consequences if you already have points on your licence. The vehicle can be seized and possibly destroyed, and you can receive a driving ban, depending on the level of the offence.


Can I insure a car that is not in my name?

Yes, you can insure a vehicle that’s not in your name. The easiest way to do this is through temporary car insurance. Suppose you are using the vehicle for an extended period of time. In that case, you may need a longer-term policy, as temporary car insurance can become pricey when used regularly.

When insuring a car you don’t own, you will need to get permission from the vehicle owner. You will also need to ensure that you are qualified to drive the type of vehicle that you are insuring.

Can I insure my car at my parent’s address?

If your primary address is the same as your parent’s address, then you can use that address to insure your vehicle. However, insuring your vehicle at your parent’s address once you have moved out is considered insurance fraud and can have serious consequences.

Can I get insurance on my parents’ car?

Yes, you can get insurance on your parent’s car. If you are the vehicle’s primary driver, you will need to take out your own young driver insurance.

If you only use the vehicle occasionally, you can use temporary insurance options or be added as a named driver on your parent’s car insurance.

Having your own vehicle insurance will prevent any accidents you have from impacting their claims discount and will ensure that they don’t lose their no-claims bonus.

Can someone drive my car if they are not on my insurance?

With the advent of temporary insurance policies, anyone can drive anyone else’s car without needing to go through the tedious process of being added as a named driver on the owner’s policy.

If your friend wants to borrow your car, make sure they register for temporary insurance, as you can also be held liable if they are caught driving without insurance. You should also ensure that they are qualified to drive the type of vehicle they are borrowing and that they have a valid licence.

Final Thoughts

Young drivers often need driving experience but cannot afford their own vehicle. Being insured on their parent’s car means they can practice their driving legally, either with their parent in the car (if they’re on a provisional licence) or by themselves if they have their full driving licence.

One of the most cost-effective ways to insure a vehicle that you don’t own and only sometimes drive is to use temporary car insurance. GoShorty offers hourly, daily, weekly and monthly temporary insurance policies.

For those young drivers who only use their parents’ car occasionally, daily car insurance is an excellent option as you’ll only need to pay for the days when you are actually using the vehicle.