26 Oct

Is car sharing right for me?

Short Term Car Insurance

Are you wondering if car sharing could fit well into your lifestyle? If so, you won’t be alone – this is becoming an increasingly popular option and it’s one that’s both practical and environmentally friendly.


Many of us are now rethinking our relationship with the car. Do we really need to own one when all too often it’s outside the house and going nowhere?

There are cases where a car can be essential, such as if you drive extensively for work. But, if you only have occasional use requirements, car ownership can be a huge drain on your expenses.


So, could car sharing work for you?  Perhaps there is a friend or family member who is in a similar situation and if so, then you could well find there is a way to make an arrangement that will suit both parties. This means you can work out times to share the car, depending on who needs it. This could be for weekly shopping, for example, or perhaps going out for an evening or a weekend break.


Insurance as and when you need it

But, if you’ve been questioning whether you need to own a car, along with all the other costs associated with it, you may also have concerns about insurance. The chances are you won’t be covered under ‘Driving Other Cars’, which can be a part of comprehensive insurance. This is often either only third-party or has other restrictions – it is not a feasible solution if you are borrowing a car.


Instead, the way forward is short-term insurance. Borrowing a car for occasional use is now incredibly easy because short-term insurance is now so readily available. Whoever is borrowing the car takes out cover and this means that the car owner is fully protected by comprehensive insurance as is their no claims bonus.


Cover from GoShorty is the widest in the market and you buy cover that fits the length of your trip – and that can be for as little as one hour, right up to 28 days. Drivers can be aged from 18 up to 75 and you can insure a car worth up to £60,000. What’s more, taking out short-term insurance can be completed within minutes.


A considerate approach

Car sharing arrangements tend to work best if there are some ground rules – and also some give and take. If you borrow the car, you can agree to make a formal contribution towards costs – so, this could be towards fuel and servicing, for example. It is always courteous to ensure the car is returned on time and in a clean condition – consideration is key.


There may be a time when both parties need the car and you need to prepare for such occasions – it is always best to have a back-up plan if the car is not available.


But, it can also work incredibly well as many people are discovering – sharing is the way of the future and for the planet as you’ll be doing your bit to reduce the number of cars on the road.


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