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The so-called Boomerang Generation are in their 20s and early 30s and they have returned to live at home, typically after graduating from university or if they have been travelling.

Buying a house or renting is often hugely expensive, while others lost their jobs, perhaps due to the pandemic, or maybe a relationship breakdown has led them to seek out home comforts and get their lives back on track.

Last year, Loughborough University research found 3.5 million single young adults in the UK live with parents, an increase of over a third over the past decade.

But it’s not just a case of needs must – there are plenty of situations where the arrangements work, particularly if there is consideration and some give and take on each side.

One benefit which many children appreciate enormously is use of a family car. It can provide much needed independence and is often a far more practical solution – as well as environmentally friendly – than buying their own car.

As with living arrangements, allowing a car to be borrowed will work best if there are some clear ground rules. Parents must know when the car is being used, for how long and, and who will be travelling in it.

Everyone should be mindful of personal space and hygiene at the present time and care should be taken to keep the numbers of passengers as low as possible to stay safe. The driver should top up fuel and contribute towards maintenance if necessary. It also goes without saying that leaving fast food wrappers or other mess may lead to the keys being withdrawn.

No matter how short the journey, the agreement to use the car must be based on it being insured at all times. With GoShorty, comprehensive temporary car insurance can be bought in minutes – it’s simple, affordable, and once in place, the freedom of the road awaits…and when the driver returns, family relationships remain in perfect harmony.

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