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Learning to drive is an exciting time, but learner drivers must understand that their driving behaviours still have consequences even if they haven’t passed their test yet. In case you didn’t know, you can accumulate points on a provisional licence. Points accumulated during this period will carry over to a full driving licence once a learner has passed a test too, meaning it’s important that learners follow the rules of the road and drive safely whilst learning. 

Failure to follow the rules may lead to points on your provisional, which will then stay on your record when you pass your test. Fines can also be issued to learner drivers, or in extreme cases, you may receive a driving ban before you’ve even passed your test!

Can You Get Points on a Provisional Licence?

You can get points on a provisional licence, just like you can on a full one. There are a number of reasons why learner drivers can receive points on their licence and even fines. Some causes are as expected, such as speeding, but there are a few specific rules for learner drivers only, let’s take a look at these.

Driving Without Proper Supervision

By law, learner drivers are required to be supervised by either an instructor or another driver who has held a valid driving licence for at least three years. If a learner is caught driving alone it can lead to a number of potential punishments:

  • Your learner insurance policy will be invalidated, and any future policies you take out are likely to have higher premiums as a result of your actions too.
  • You can receive up to six penalty points on your provisional licence. The points will carry over to your full licence once you pass too. 
  • You can face a substantial fine of £1,000.
  • A potential temporary driving ban if enough points are accumulated, which will have long-term impact on future insurance premiums.
  • A permanent mark on your driving record.

Driving Without L Plates

In the UK, learner drivers must display L plates at all times. They need to be the correct size and colour too; failure to follow this rule can result in up to six penalty points placed on your provisional licence.

Driving on a Motorway Without an Instructor

To drive on a motorway, learners must be with their ADI (approved driving instructor) in a car with dual controls. Breaking this rule can land learners with three penalty points and a £100 fine.

Driving Without Insurance

All drivers need insurance, including learners! Driving without insurance is a serious offence, potentially leading to an unlimited fine, eight penalty points or even a ban from driving. There are plenty of ways to insure learners if you only need to insure a car to practise for a few days we have daily learner insurance options.

Speeding as a Learner

Speeding is an offence for all drivers, but for learners, you could face even more consequences. The minimum penalty for this offence is three points on your licence and a £100 fine. But learner drivers should know speeding may also cause a delay in taking your driving test, meaning you’ll have to wait longer to get your full licence. 

What Happens if You Get Points on Your Provisional Licence?

Points that are accumulated on your provisional licence WILL carry over to your full driver’s licence. 

Learners and qualified drivers alike should avoid accumulating points. If a driver has only had their licence for less than two years and has six or more points, your licence can be revoked! This means driving carefully in the first few years of your driving life is vital, otherwise, you risk setting yourself back, costing you time and money. 

Penalty points can last on your record from four to 11 years depending on the offence!

How Many Points Can You Get on Your Provisional Licence?

Learner drivers can gain up to 11 points on their licence and still take their test, but that doesn’t mean they should. Accumulating points on your provisional licence means you put yourself at risk of a driving ban, even once you have your full licence. 

In the first two years of driving after passing your test, drivers cannot surpass six points on their licence, otherwise, they could have their licence revoked. Penalty points on a provisional licence will set you up negatively for when you pass your test, as you’ll have to be extra careful not to get any more points during the probation period. 

Also, accumulating points or having previous driving bans will impact the cost of insurance for you. This means it’ll be more expensive to get insured as a new driver due to having a poor record, and with insurance premiums at an all-time high, this is something all drivers will want to avoid. 

If there is anything to take away from this, it’s that driving carefully and within the rules of the road is the most important thing a driver should do whether you have a provisional licence or a full one. As a learner, mistakes will happen naturally, but by taking care on the road and following simple protocols such as having supervision, being insured and displaying L plates, you’ll be able to keep your record clean as you work towards passing your test. 

Fortunately for learner drivers, our flexible temporary learner insurance provides a great option for practising outside of lessons. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly options so you can get those extra practice hours in outside of lessons and get your full licence in no time!

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