26 Oct

The GoShorty Temporary Van Insurance Guide

Temporary Van Insurance

Maybe you need to collect a heavy item, transport some kit, or even go the whole hog and move house? The loan of a van can be incredibly useful and save a fortune. What’s more, both you and the van’s owner can feel confident as fully comprehensive temporary van insurance from GoShorty can be taken out from an hour to 28 days.


But if you’re new to driving a van – or insuring one short-term – you need to be aware of the following…


Age limit

GoShorty covers a wide range of ages for temporary van insurance. To be eligible, you need to be aged 21 to 75.


Electric vans

These are gaining in popularity and if you borrow one, be aware of the range and location of charging points.


Heavy load

Be aware of the maximum load. An overloaded van is dangerous, and you may invalidate cover. Make sure items are secured and evenly spread to avoid damage.


Ladder loader

Is there a ladder carried? Be aware if this affects the height and watch out for low access and other overhanging obstacles.


Licence requirements

A standard UK licence ensures you can drive a conventional, rigid-axle van of up to 3.5 tonnes.


Maximum weight

The van must be 3.5 tonnes or less.



Vans insured through GoShorty cannot be modified other than for disabled driver or passenger access.


Overseas driving

You can only drive on UK roads when covered with GoShorty.



Parking a modern van is generally similar to a car but be aware you may well have less visibility. Try a few practice attempts to get used to it.


Permitted uses

GoShorty does not allow use of the van as a minibus, horse box, motor home or tipper or to transport hazardous goods.



A van insured with GoShorty can have no more than five seats.



Watch your speed, particularly if you are new to driving a van and be careful when cornering.


Speed limits

Be sure to know the speed limit for your particular van – in built up areas and on motorways it may be the same as for cars but it may be 10 mph less on single and dual carriageways.



Be careful where a van is left and parked. Vans can be broken into and targeted by thieves. Do not leave any valuables inside overnight.


Sixth gear

Vans typically have six gears – this can be a change if you normally drive a car with gears. The sixth is for motorway driving, so change into this when speed and conditions allow, and it will save fuel.


Take your time

When driving a heavier or larger vehicle allow yourself more time and space, such as when overtaking or changing lanes.



You may have less visibility and be more reliant on wing mirrors. Check visibility before you set off.



Be aware that high winds can be more dangerous, particularly if the van is empty and in certain locations.



Vans worth up to £50,000 can be covered by GoShorty.


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