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Owning and maintaining a car can be an expensive process. You have all the fuel and maintenance costs to pay for, let alone the insurance costs. However, do you really need to insure a car all year round if you only use it occasionally? What if you are able to borrow a car for the times you need? Is there any point to being a named driver all year around, or is there an easier way to be insured for a week or so at a time?

What does one week car insurance cover?

One week of temporary car insurance covers you for everything that a year long car insurance policy would. This means that you receive fully comprehensive cover, for the time that you need and not unnecessarily longer.

You can insure a car that does not belong to you with temporary insurance. This means that you can be insured on a car without being a named driver. As a result, you cannot affect the No Claims Discount of the car’s owner – even if you have an accident.

Why would I get a week of car insurance?

There are lots of reasons to only get one week of car insurance. You might need to insure a car for a week if you are:

What do I need to get one week car insurance?

To get a week of car insurance, you need to provide some information to us. Firstly, we need some information on the vehicle that you want to drive. This usually means details about the car’s registration number, make and model. Then we need to know how long you want to insure. We don’t only do one week car insurance, we offer cover for between 1hr and 28 days. Next, we’ll need some details on you. This might be personal information, like your name, date of birth, address and the like. It might also be some info on your driving history – for example, your license details.

How much does it cost to insure a car for a week?

The price of insuring any car depends upon a number of factors. We need some information before we can offer you a price. This includes:

Insurance from GoShorty

Short term car insurance from GoShorty is perfect for any of the reasons listed above. If you only need to insure a car short term, then there is no point in paying for a full year of insurance. Get cover from GoShorty with a temporary insurance quote and save.