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Getting your driver’s licence is one of the many rites of passage into adulthood. Driving allows you more freedom and independence and can quite literally get you where you need to go. But for some new drivers, learning to drive can be nerve-wracking and make it difficult to focus.

Sometimes, accidents are unavoidable. And if you’re an inexperienced or nervous driver, they may be more likely to occur. While getting into a collision is unpleasant for even the most seasoned drivers, it can be even worse for learners!

Having an insurance policy already in place can help you to limit the damage done by these unexpected events; our temporary learner driver insurance is a perfect policy to ensure you’re fully covered.

But can you get learner driver insurance after an accident?

What Is Learner Driver Insurance?

Do Learner Drivers Need Insurance?

What Does A Learner Driver Insurance Policy Cover?

Can You Get Learner Driver Insurance After Accident?


What Is Learner Driver Insurance?

Learner, or provisional driver insurance, is a car insurance policy for new drivers with a provisional licence. Although you can drive without insurance during your driving lessons or with a driving instructor, you may want to rack up a few hours of extra driving practice in your own car, or in the car of someone you trust.

If you want to get behind the wheel to practice what you’ve learnt during your driving lessons, it may be beneficial to buy learner driver insurance.

As long as you’re driving with an adult who has held their licence for at least three years, you’re free to practice as much as you’d like before your driving test. And you’ll have full coverage for better peace of mind!

While you can take out long-term learner insurance, short-term car insurance may be better suited to your needs. Long-term insurance, such as an annual learner driver policy, is usually valid for up to twelve months. It may also cover drivers after passing their driving test and can offer a learner their own no claims bonus.

Look at our guide on “How does learner insurance work?” for further information. 

Do Learner Drivers Need Insurance?

As beneficial as insurance may be for learners, it isn’t a requirement when you’re learning to drive with the help of an instructor. In most cases, they will include the cost of their insurance into your driving lesson fees.

However, if you’re planning on hitting the open road with a family member to practice what you’ve learned, you’ll need to be insured. You can either be added to someone else’s car insurance or take out your own policy.

If you’re adding your provisional insurance to another policy, it’s important to remember that any claims you make can influence the policyholder’s claims discount.

Our guide asking “Do learner drivers need insurance?” should assist further.

What Does A Learner Driver Insurance Policy Cover?

Whether you’re cruising in your own car or using someone else’s – knowing what your insurance covers is essential before deciding on a policy!

There are two main types of insurance. These types include third-party and comprehensive car insurance.

Third-party insurance is typically a more affordable option but is limited to only covering claims involving third parties. You must pay for damages to the other party’s car when you’re at fault in a collision. But because the insurance covers these costs, none of the costs will fall on you, and you can protect yourself from legal liability.

On the other hand, comprehensive insurance has more coverage, which may be more beneficial for a learner driver. Comprehensive insurance covers car theft, accidents, fire, and third-party claims.

The type of insurance you pick will depend on your insurance provider. However, having a more inclusive cover may be ideal for learners. No matter which temporary policy you pick with GoShorty, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a fully comprehensive cover.

Can You Get Learner Driver Insurance After an Accident?

The rules on learner driver policies are often unclear regarding accidents involving learner drivers. Generally, you may be able to get insurance after an accident, but it may depend on a few factors.

Firstly, an accident involving grievous bodily harm or death may disqualify your licence. In that case, you won’t be eligible for long or short-term insurance until your licence is no longer banned.

Secondly, it may depend on the insurance company. While some may offer policies at higher premiums after an accident, others may reject your application if you’ve been in a car accident.

Lastly, your ability to buy learner driver insurance may be affected by the type of insurance you want. Long-term insurance may be easier to secure after an accident than short-term or temporary insurance.

While some insurance providers may cover learner insurance after an accident, it’s important to note these companies will typically increase their premium prices.

At GoShorty, our qualifying criteria for drivers seeking provisional insurance include the following:

Although these are only two qualifying factors, they are essential for learner drivers who have been in an accident before seeking an insurance policy.

Final Thoughts

Getting insurance as a learner can be tricky if you’ve been in an accident. And, in some cases, it’s downright impossible. That is why ensuring you’re covered should always be your number one priority.

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