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Getting to the point of being a newly qualified driver can be an exciting time for all involved, but it will come with great responsibility, especially for the young driver.

Getting a learner driver insurance policy will ensure that the driver and the vehicle are covered in an accident or theft.

Every driver, even learner drivers, must have car insurance in the UK. It is illegal not to have any cover. This is especially so if you are getting your driving lessons privately. Usually, a driving instructor or school would already have you covered.

GoShorty offers tailor-made insurance packages that best suit your needs and will leave you less stressed about breaking the bank to pay for them.

What Is Car Insurance For Learner Drivers?

In short, a learner driver would need car insurance if they are driving their own car, a friend’s or a family member’s car when they are not with their driving instructor.

No, this does not mean you are allowed to go on joy rides before you have qualified for your full driving licence! This insurance policy is between you and your insurance company and only covers provisional licence holders while practising without an instructor.

This person can be a friend or family member and a fully qualified driver who is there to supervise a learner driver.

At GoShorty, you can get the type of car insurance that suits you. These apply to cars and vans and are available for short-term or temporary periods. This type of insurance policy is used to cover the learner driver in the event of theft or an accident.

Use it to practice without your instructor and even on the day of your driving test. It is always a good decision to have your own insurance policy, especially if driving someone else’s car.

What Does The Learner Driver Need To Get Car Insurance?

To get a learner drive insurance policy does not require much. You will need a valid UK provisional licence, and the learner driver must be over 17 years of age.

You would also need the vehicle registration number, model and make, as well as how long the learner insurance will be taken out for.

For this cover to be effective in theft or an accident, a qualified driver must be in the car with the learner driver. The experienced driver must provide their full name, date of birth, address and a valid driver’s license.

What Types of Car Insurance Policies Are Available For Learner Drivers?

At GoShorty, we have thought of all of the options! There is no hassle in trying to figure out the in and out of what an insurance policy is and how it works.

Instead, we have made it simple and created policies catered to young drivers who want to save money while having peace of mind in knowing that they are covered.

Temporary learner driver insurance is the umbrella term for all insurance policies we offer. This is the cheaper car insurance policy for learners looking to be covered during the practice period. It is specifically for learner drivers aged 17 – 25 years old.

Our temporary insurance packages have been narrowed down to hourly, daily and monthly! There is low excess; it provides flexibility; you can be covered for £20,000 if it is for someone else’s car and £10,000 if it is the learner driver’s own car. It also protects the car owner’s No Claims Discount.

Hourly temporary learner driver insurance

The hourly driver insurance cover means you only pay for your practice hours. This is beneficial to those who do not need many hours of lessons before their driving test. Paying hourly for a month’s private lessons can become expensive.

If you are not paying for private lessons and instead of being supervised by someone you know, this is also a good policy. This way, the hour does not have to be set and can be broken into shorter periods. This could be because your supervisor may only be available for a few minutes at a time.

At GoShorty, you can pay for as little as one hour, provided you are with a supervising driver and have your provisional driving licence.

Daily learner driver insurance

This insurance type gives you more flexibility than the hourly insurance policy, allowing you to spend more time with your supervising driver.

This will be a bonus on the days you may want to get in an extra few hours with your instructor. With it being temporary, you do not have to stress about the financial burden of paying for full-time insurance when you are just learning how to drive.

Monthly learner driver insurance

This temporary learner driver car insurance covers you for a whole month. It gives you complete flexibility within that month to schedule as many driving lessons as you need.

This is the perfect option for young drivers who have booked their private teacher for a set amount of lessons, as they typically schedule you for a whole month before taking your driving test.

This package also comes in handy when you want extra practise when you do not have a lesson booked. Like the daily package, you save money because you would not have to pay for these extra hours of practice.

What Do You Need To Know About Qualifying For Temporary Car Insurance?

We have a few criteria the learner driver and the vehicle must pass before being approved for any of our policies.

It is better to be safe than sorry to have this information readily available when applying for our temporary car insurance policies.

Some of the main points to consider here is that the main driver must be between 17 and 25 years old and have a valid UK provisional driving licence. They must not have been denied, cancelled or voided any other insurance or policies. They also must not have any previous driving offences or convictions.

Some of the main points to consider for the vehicle is that it must be at least ten years old. It must be registered in the UK, with no more than five seats. This insurance policy is for private cars only.


Can two learner drivers be insured while using the same car?

This is most definitely an option. This is especially beneficial for parents or guardians with two children who are learner drivers. This saves you so much money in the long run, especially if you are on the hourly package.

Is it reasonable to put a learner driver on another person’s insurance policy?

Especially for parents or guardians, this may seem like a bad idea, but it is not! Adding a learner driver to your existing insurance cover can be cheaper because of its freedom to have it be short-term.

What does the supervising driver need to qualify?

Learner drivers are not allowed to drive with a supervising driver. They must be 25 years or older and have a full UK driving licence.

Final Thoughts

With these tailor-made packages, you can save money and be assured that you will be covered!

Learner insurance is a great way to ensure that you are financially covered for the period before you pass your driving test. From as short as an hour to as long as 24 weeks, we will keep you and your vehicle secured.

It is as easy as visiting our site, clicking on your preferred policy and requesting a quote. You can even do it on your mobile phone. Within a few minutes, you will be covered and have one less thing to worry about on your journey to becoming a qualified driver!