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City-dwelling drivers tend to come up against challenges when finding affordable, fully comprehensive coverage. 

This is no surprise (as we’ll come on to) but at GoShorty, we’re determined to break the stigma associated with insuring city-based drivers. 

Our temporary car insurance is just the ticket to help defy industry norms and provide more useful coverage that caters for the unique needs of urban vehicle owners. 

With an impressive number of customers based in cities, GoShorty is committed to serving this often underserved market.

Why is There A Difference Between Rural & City Car Insurance?

Postcodes in urban and inner-city areas are considered riskier by insurers because of their denser population, theft rate, on-street parking and heavier traffic flow. It would seem to make sense that the more cars there are on the road, the greater the chance of an accident.

However, as Pass Me Fast points out, traffic in the city is usually constrained to a lower speed limit  (and due to the heavy traffic you rarely hit that!), the national speed limit on winding country roads can lead to blind corners at inappropriate speeds. 

In the city you need to be aware of bikes weaving in and out of traffic – but the country also has cyclists, as well as wild animals appearing out of nowhere! Wherever you drive, there are perils and worries for insurance companies.

This unfair stigma means there’s more of a car insurance postcode risk placed on city-dwellers – meaning higher costs if you’re city based. 

What Are the Biggest Causes of Insurance Claims

So why do city-dwellers pay more? Understanding the most common insurance claims can shed light on why car insurance if you live in a city is more expensive.

Taking London as an example, drivers in the capital pay the highest insurance premiums (£608 on average) but this is tied to the fact that they are the highest average claimants (£6,189). 

City car owners pay more simply because there are more incidents involving theft, vandalism and accidents in urban areas. When there are one million uninsured drivers on the road, you can see why insurers want to make sure they are covered, as well as you.

Breaking the Stigma

GoShorty is leading the charge in breaking the stigma associated with city car insurance. 

Over our years of operations, we have developed strong acceptance criteria. We work with a wide array of brokers, allowing us to offer policies to people in cities where some insurers may be wary of providing cover. 

We believe in providing equal opportunities for all drivers, regardless of their geographical location. By challenging conventional notions and embracing the unique needs of city dwellers, we are paving the way for fair and inclusive car insurance options.

If you regularly drive in a city,  there are some tips that can help prevent incidents and minimise risks, reducing your need to claim! 

Not only do you need to be aware of bicycles and motorbikes, it’s now important to stay alert and be mindful of the increased presence of rented e-scooters! The 2022 addition of the ‘Dutch reach’ to the highway code has never been so timely. 

Maintaining a safe following distance, being aware of pedestrians, and utilising advanced safety features in vehicles can go a long way in reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Check the travel news before you set off – with continual roadworks, a higher proportion of events,  and the potential for accidents on higher speed limits, you don’t want to drive yourself to a standstill. 

We  are dedicated to changing views surrounding city car insurance and providing fair coverage options to urban drivers. We want to revolutionise the insurance industry. To learn more and see how little temporary car insurance could cost you get a quote today. 

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