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Taking your driving test is a very big deal. It is a milestone in any teenager or adult’s life, and it is important that you feel as comfortable as possible while you take your test.

There are some things you need to keep in mind, though – apart from simply passing your test. Whether you take the test in your own car, a family member’s car or your instructor’s car, you must ensure it is “insured for a driving test”. You will have to check with the insurance company that the vehicle you are driving is insured for a test.

But what exactly does “driving test insurance” mean? Read on to find out more.

Can I use my own car for my driving test?

In the UK, you can take your driving test in your own car. The car must meet specific requirements before you take your vehicle to the test centre:

The UK Government does list certain cars which cannot be driven during a test as they don’t provide the examiner with all-round vision:

Types of car insurance for your driving test

There are several different ways you can be insured for your driving test:

Always double-check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered.

1) Learner driver insurance policy

Temporary Learner driver insurance is a type of temporary cover that is specifically aimed at people who have not yet passed their driving test.

Temporary learner driver insurance can last from one hour to 28 days. Different learner insurance options are available, including hourly learner driver insurance, daily learner driver insurance, and monthly learner driver insurance.

Hourly learner driver insurance is temporary and will only insure a learner driver from one to twelve hours. This is useful for the period that the driving test is taken. 

Daily learner driver insurance is also handy for test days, as you can use the time before your test to go out and practice with your supervisor, knowing you’re insured for the whole day. 

Monthly learner driver insurance is the most popular option as it allows unlicensed drivers to practice their skills before taking their tests.

Provisional licence holders should always be insured, making learner driver insurance a viable and affordable insurance policy for most people before they take their tests.

Why choose learner driver insurance?

  1. Your test is covered. You will have comprehensive cover until you pass your test.
  2. You can practice more. Longer cover (for example, the monthly learner driver insurance) means you will have more time to drive before your practical driving test, and you can practice at your own pace, as long as you have a supervised driver.
  3. You don’t have to worry about the owner’s no claims bonus. If you’re looking to get insured on someone else’s car, the vehicle owner won’t have to worry about their No Claims Bonus, as this will be protected if the temporary driver did need to claim.

2) Car insurance through your instructor’s car

If your driving instructor is Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) approved, you will be automatically insured, and the price of this insurance will be included in the cost of your driving lessons. This insurance policy will also cover you when you take your test.

3) Full annual car insurance

If you want to be covered once you have your licence and plan on using your own car for your test, you can always purchase full annual cover. This is probably the most expensive option if you are looking only to have insurance for your driver’s test, but it also means you will be completely covered for a year.

If you acquired your driving licence and plan on taking several months to practice before heading to the test centre – and if you are thinking ahead for once you pass your test – then getting annual cover is probably a good idea.

The policy is flexible, so it can be set up as learner driver insurance until you get your full driving licence, and then you can update your policy. Just remember to update the policy once you pass your test; otherwise, the insurance may be invalid.

4) Named driver insurance policy

If you are not taking your test in your instructor’s vehicle or your own car, you can look into being added as a named driver on the car owner’s policy. To be included as a named driver, you cannot be the main owner or driver of the car. Being added as a named driver will most likely also increase the monthly premiums of the policyholder.

If you only want insurance for the day you take your test, or the few days leading up to it, then named driver insurance is probably not the way to go as more affordable insurance options are available.


Can you drive home after taking your driver’s test?

If your car insurance only covers a provisional licence or is temporary learner driver insurance, you will not be covered when you pass your test and drive home from the test centre.

If you are using an instructor’s car, they will usually drive the car home. Alternatively, you will have to get a licence holder to drive the car home until an insurance policy covers you.

What will happen to my learner driver insurance policy once I pass my test?

Your learner driver insurance will immediately stop once you pass your test, as you are no longer covered by learner insurance. You should make sure you have an insured licence holder to drive you home from your test.

Who is allowed to supervise a learner driver?

In the UK, the person supervising a learner driver must be over the age of 25 and have been a full licence holder for more than three years. 

Without this person supervising you, your learner driver insurance will not be valid.

Find temporary insurance for your driving test with GoShorty

Taking and passing your driving test is very exciting, but you must drive an insured vehicle in accordance with the UK government’s regulations.

There are several insurance options available for test day, such as: learner driver insurance; being covered by your instructor’s insurance; being added as a named driver to the insurance of the person whose car you are taking the test in; or getting full annual cover.

Whichever of these options you choose, always check with your insurance provider to ensure that the driving test is covered by the policy you purchase.

But if you require short-term cover for passing your driving test, GoShorty has an affordable temporary car insurance option for you.