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As an expat, returning to the UK for a visiting period is no doubt a busy time, finding the best way to get around the country without having to rely on friends or family for transport can be difficult, and solely relying on public transport can be even more complicated, as well as expensive. 

An option to explore is temporary car insurance, which is available for non UK residents. Temporary cover is ideal for expats looking to get car insurance, as it is a flexible, short-term option, allowing you to drive a vehicle, whether it is borrowed or one you left in the UK, for the amount of time you may need it.

What Are The Driving Options Available to Expats Visiting UK?

When visiting the UK, you don’t want to be burdening friends and family for lifts. Although they will more than likely try to help you out, it isn’t an ideal situation to be totally reliant on them as your mode of transportation. 

It will limit your freedom by having to work around when they can provide a lift, and it will put pressure on them to be available when you need them.

Another option is hiring a car, which can be expensive in the UK, especially if you are needing the vehicle for more than a few days. Although this option will give you more freedom and allow you to drive yourself, it really is not the best route to go down if you want to avoid spending a lot of money, especially after the costs of travelling back to the UK.

The Best Solution is Expat Car Insurance

The best option both for flexibility and lower costs would be temporary car insurance. If you still have a UK licence, you are able to get covered by our policies, allowing you to get covered on someone you know’s car, or your own car if you still have one in the country. 

This insurance option allows you to pick a policy that covers you for the exact amount of time you need it for. Meaning if it’s just for a day you can be covered for 24 hours, or if you need it for a few weeks you can find a temporary policy to fit around that too.

 This flexible cover means you don’t have to worry about overpaying for insurance that you don’t need, you’ll only be paying for the exact amount of time you require cover for.

Best Way to Insure Visiting Family on Your Car

If you are a UK resident expecting a visitor from abroad, perhaps a child returning from studying away or just an old friend coming to visit, it is very easy to insure them on your own vehicle.

Your friend or family member can take out a temporary policy on your vehicle for the period they are visiting and it will have no impact on your no claims bonus as it sits as a separate policy to your own. 

This means they can be easily covered for the time they visit, allowing them to use your vehicle on their own for as long as they need without you having to worry about your own insurance being impacted, or how much time will be needed to ferry them around. 

If you are an expat visiting home, our temporary insurance is the best option to go for if you are wanting to freely drive around the country without having to rely on public transport or lifts from friends and family. 

Again, just be aware you do need a UK, EU/EEA driving licence for this to be possible. This insurance is flexible around you and will not impact the car owner’s own insurance, making it an ideal option for everyone involved. 

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