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When it comes to choosing the right policy for your vehicle, fully comprehensive car insurance is an extremely popular choice. Fully comp insurance offers a more extensive type of cover and is often seen as the “full package” option.

In this article, our team at GoShorty will unpack everything you need to know about fully comprehensive car insurance.

What does fully comprehensive car insurance cover?

Fully comprehensive car insurance, sometimes known as “fully comp”, is a type of insurance that covers damage related to your vehicle. Comprehensive cover will cover you in the event of any damage to your car or if somebody is injured in an accident. 

This type of insurance policy offers protection for you as a driver no matter who is at fault, which is what differentiates it from other car insurance policies.

Why do you need car insurance cover?

In the United Kingdom, having car insurance cover is a legal requirement. As a driver, you need at least a basic third-party policy to protect yourself and other drivers. Fully comprehensive car insurance cover is not a legal requirement, but it does offer more protection than other car insurance policies.

What is included in comprehensive car insurance policies?

A comprehensive policy may include the following benefits. These are some of the things that ‘standard’ comprehensive policies offer and may not be included in every policy. It’s important to check each insurance policy properly.

Fully comprehensive cover provides the insured with protection against major and minor damages. Certain features can be added to your premium at an extra cost.

How much does comprehensive cover cost?

Fully comprehensive car insurance costs vary from insurer to insurer. No two insurance companies are the same and, in the same way, no two vehicle owners are the same. So, why do people pay different prices for the same cover?

A car insurance policy allows the insured and the insurer to manage risks. As the insured, you pay for a policy to prepare you for unexpected car accidents. 

Those providing the cover thoroughly assess your risk profile to ensure you are not a potential liability. The insurer needs to make decisions that won’t negatively impact their business. Risk management is very important for insurance providers.

Your level of cover and the cost of your fully comprehensive car insurance quote depends on a few factors:


When it comes to insurance cover, age is not just a number. Young drivers and new drivers are viewed as high-risk, so their car insurance costs are typically higher than that of older, more experienced drivers.

Driving history

Risk management is important for insurers, so your driving history is considered when determining car insurance cover. You can be the same age as someone but might pay more for the same level of cover as them, and here’s why:

Geographical location

Where you live can also influence the cost of your comprehensive cover. Insurance companies try to manage risk by assessing the conditions of the areas that surround their clients and where the car will be kept and used.

Other factors

How does comprehensive car insurance differ from third-party, fire and theft insurance?

Now that you understand what comprehensive car insurance covers and know about risk management, you might wonder how a comprehensive car insurance policy differs from third-party, fire and theft insurance.

Third-party, fire and theft insurance vs comprehensive car insurance cover

Comprehensive policies have a higher level of coverage compared to third-party insurance.

Fire and theft insurance covers your car should it be stolen or damaged in a fire. Third-party insurance will cover damage you caused to another vehicle.

A fully comprehensive car insurance policy will automatically cover the cost of a replacement vehicle at the current market value. Your insurance provider will provide you with a new car and cover damage to your car and belongings, depending on the level of cover that you choose.

Third-party insurance providers pay damages to the third party. It’s perfect for people who do not qualify for comprehensive policies. 

The middle ground

If you own a relatively old vehicle, your vehicle is fully paid off, or if you consider yourself a safe or low-risk driver, you might not reap the full benefits of fully comprehensive car insurance cover. This is also true for people who rarely drive, such as some pensioners.

That said, third-party cover doesn’t protect your vehicle or personal belongings. You might end up with a huge repair bill, no vehicle, and potentially risk losing your income due to the inability to travel to work.

Weighing the cost of a monthly commitment to a comprehensive policy against the endless bills you might face with a third-party policy is a taxing task. So, what now? How do you reap the benefits of fully comprehensive insurance if you don’t need to use your car regularly? That’s where short term car insurance comes in.

Temporary comprehensive car insurance

At GoShorty, we specialise in comprehensive temporary car insurance that is flexible and reliable. 

We provide drivers with access to a fully comprehensive insurance plan that is temporary and budget-friendly. There is a range of hourly, daily, weekly and monthly temporary insurance policies to choose from, including temporary van insurance and temporary learner driver insurance.

Find the best car insurance for your vehicle 

Car insurance offers a security blanket to drivers of all ages, with some insurance policies offering more than others. Comprehensive car insurance might be more expensive than other options, but it can save you a lot if you need to make a claim. 

If you only need car insurance in the short term, our temporary car insurance at GoShorty is the perfect option. We provide the security of comprehensive car insurance but without a long-term commitment. Choose from a range of policies, including hourly car insurance, daily car insurance, weekly car insurance and monthly car insurance

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