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A new term is round the corner and after the disruption to their studies – and social lives – caused by the pandemic, many students will be hoping for a better start to their university studies.

Whether going for the first time or returning, the past year has been hugely challenging for many, with some students having to isolate in halls of residence and only having access to online tuition. The all-important social side of university life was also severely curtailed.

But, a new academic year is on its way and lockdowns are – hopefully – over. The vaccination programme is having a positive impact and students have every right to look forwards with confidence.

So, it’s time to get packing. For parents, taking a son or daughter to university can be a happy, proud, and somewhat emotional time, but for the student, being taken to campus with everything they need can do much to ease early jitters and help them settle in.

It can be surprising just how much a student needs for university life and it is often too much to fit into a standard car. Just some of the items will include:

When all this is put together, it will fill easily fill a small to medium size van. So, if there is not one at home, then could one be borrowed, perhaps from a family member or friend?

The good news is that if a van is available then temporary van insurance for the journey to university can be arranged in minutes from GoShorty.

The van’s owner will know their vehicle is protected by comprehensive cover from a quality provider…and the student can arrive at uni ready to start independent living with everything they need. And let’s not forget that empty nesters can enjoy their freedom too!

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