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Phil Evans

Phil is our Commercial Director, and is a part of the GoShorty senior team leading the charge as we grow our business. Originally from a banking background, Phil has held senior roles across the insurance sector since 2005 and over recent years has been instrumental of the growth of insurance brokers including Autonet, Carole Nash and Bollington Wilson. Phil is passionate about temporary insurance, in particular dreaming up ways to help our customers to have access to the best possible products and pricing to get them where they need to be, when they need to be there.


Articles written by Phil Evans

What is the Best Way to Insure a Learner Driver?

Learning to drive can be incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking, with many new drivers plagued with questions before they hit the […]

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Why are Vehicles Impounded?

Vehicle impounding is when a vehicle is towed to a compound lot, usually by the police, where it’s then ‘held’ […]

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Transferring Vehicle Ownership Guide

Buying a new car is up there with the best feelings a driver can have. The paperwork associated with it, […]

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Where is Car Sharing Most Popular?

In a day and age that’s often defined by transportation, people’s desire to explore different corners of the world has […]

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Designated Driver Insurance

Have you ever found yourself in the role of designated driver after a night out? It’s an unsung hero’s duty […]

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Your Guide to Impound Release Insurance 

We all make mistakes, and if you’ve made one that’s led to your vehicle being impounded, no matter the reason […]

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Taking Your Driving Test in Your Own Car

Getting through your driving test in your very own car is possible, and easy to do thanks to our temporary […]

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Borrow a Nice Car for Events, It’s Easy!

There’s nothing better than showing up in style for a special event, whether it’s a wedding or taking your kids […]

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What To Do if You’re Involved in a Car Park Accident

Car park accidents are an all too common occurrence. With so many vehicles in one space, it can be easy […]

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Car Sharing Etiquette: A Handy Guide

Car sharing is simply the act of borrowing a car. The car could belong to a neighbour, a friend or […]

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Highway to Hell: Is Road Rage on the Rise?

We have carried out research that has revealed that the number of incidents of road rage in the UK reported […]

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Premier League Car Share: Which Football Fans Get The Best & Worst Deal On Travel?

With a brand new Premier League season about to start, match-going fans who follow their teams home and away are […]

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