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As we grow older and clock up more and more miles, most would think that those miles equal more experience – and more experience brings better performance on the roads. Despite this, sometimes drivers may find that insurance companies either won’t insure senior drivers or they’ll actually add large premiums, making it considerably more difficult to drive as you get older.

We believe that getting older shouldn’t mean sacrificing your joy or freedom, and it definitely shouldn’t mean burning a great big hole in your pocket for the privilege of getting behind the wheel!

We recognise the needs of older drivers and, therefore, have crafted our temporary car insurance policies to make driving a seamless and cost-effective experience no matter your age. Our policies can help insure individuals from 17 years old all the way up to 75, and our wider acceptance criteria means that GoShorty is undoubtedly the place to be for temp car insurance for over-50s.

Why Temporary Insurance Might Work For You

If you’re in the market for car insurance for older drivers aged 50-75, the choice between temporary insurance and traditional yearly insurance is often driven by a shift in driving patterns and lifestyle. 

We typically find that individuals in this age group may find themselves driving less frequently, so opting for temporary insurance becomes a practical and cost-effective solution. Temporary insurance allows drivers in this age bracket to tailor their policy precisely to the times they plan to use their vehicles, providing flexibility, reduced costs, and a hassle-free approach to insurance. This on-demand model aligns with the changing needs of older drivers, offering a sensible alternative to the traditional annual insurance structure.

GoShorty’s Hassle-Free Cover Up to Age 75

Driving as you get older should not be made harder, that’s why we’re proud to say our cover commitment extends up to the age of 75, ensuring that older drivers can continue to drive with confidence and convenience when it suits them. As you navigate the road ahead, our hassle-free insurance caters to your needs, providing a seamless and stress-free experience for every journey you make.

Our on-demand insurance model allows you to secure a policy precisely when you plan to hit the road, delivering a cost-effective, pick-up, put-down solution. Whether you need to use your vehicle for a day, or perhaps you simply want to run some errands for an hour or two, you can utilise our daily insurance or hourly insurance options.

Safeguarding Your No-Claims Bonus

One of the benefits of racking up years of motoring experience is the much-heralded no-claims discount. If you’ve spent years on the roads without making a claim against your annual insurance policy, you should benefit financially in the long-run, as insurers deem you to be a low-risk driver. 

If you’re kind enough to lend your own vehicle to your friends and family, that no-claims discount that you’ve spent so many years carefully building is suddenly at risk. If a named driver on your annual policy has an accident, YOUR no-claims bonus is gone. To avoid this, make sure whoever is using your vehicle has their own temporary car insurance policy. This fully-comprehensive short-term cover preserves your annual policy, as any claims will be lodged against the temporary policy. 

Easy, Quick, and Tailored

Finding the best car insurance for older drivers doesn’t need to be a stressful task. We ensure that the process is quick, easy, and tailored to your specific needs. Our user-friendly platform allows you to customise your cover based on your driving habits, providing the peace of mind that comes with the best insurance for drivers in the UK. On our platform, you can get yourself a quote in as little as 90 seconds and be on the road not long after! Whether your car is an old (yet beloved) motor that is just ticking along or a more luxurious car worth up to £65k, we’re here to insure you.

GoShorty takes pride in providing accessible car insurance for the elderly, offering a comprehensive and flexible approach to cover. With a commitment to hassle-free insurance up to age 75, cost-saving solutions for less frequent drivers, and a user-friendly platform, we empower older drivers to navigate the road ahead with confidence. 

Drive with the freedom you deserve, knowing that GoShorty is your trusted companion on every mile of your journey.

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