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A low mileage driver is someone who drives less distance than that of the average driver in the UK; this means that these drivers could be overspending on annual car insurance policies due to them not requiring it as much as the average motorist. There are car insurance options for low mileage drivers though, such as low mileage car cover, or our very own temporary car insurance. 

Our temporary insurance may be the best option for these types of drivers, as its flexible nature allows a motorist to cover themselves just for the time they need, eliminating the potential for wasted policy time.

What is a Low Mileage Driver?

The average driver in the UK covers somewhere in the region of 8,000-10,000 miles per year, so anything below this could be considered a low mileage driver. It may vary across different insurers, but if you tend to drive less than 7,500 miles per year you could be paying too much on annual policies and instead should consider a different, more suitable insurance option.

How Many Low Mileage Drivers Are There in the UK?

It’s difficult to find enough accurate data to provide a definitive answer to this question, but to put it mildly, there are a lot of low mileage drivers! A 2023 study cited in Fleet News suggested that less than 5% of vehicles in the UK are driven for more than 15,000 miles in a year. This is the equivalent of 41 miles per day. 

This goes to show that, actually, a significant proportion of the UK population could consider themselves as low mileage drivers.

Does Being a Low Mileage Driver Impact the Cost of Your Insurance?

Having low mileage can change the cost of your insurance, annual policies can be lowered for low mileage drivers because less time on the road means less chance of an accident. Restricted mileage policies also exist for those who drive small amounts each day. 

However, these types of policies are strict and require you to accurately calculate your expected mileage – failure to stay within your predicted mileage could cause the policy to be cancelled, costing you more money in the long run. 

Also, mileage isn’t the only factor considered for policies; how and where the vehicle is being used comes into play too. So a driver that gets behind the wheel less than the national average, but spends most of their time driving in a city, could still have an expensive policy. 

This is due to the increased chance of damage city driving does to a vehicle, the same can be said for more rural drivers, who may be exposed to more rough, damaging terrains. 

So, although there are cheaper traditional insurance options for low mileage drivers, none of them are quite as flexible and as useful as temporary insurance could be.

What is the Best Car Insurance for Low Mileage Drivers?

Taking out temporary cover with GoShorty can be a great option, allowing drivers to secure a policy just for the time they need, meaning no time under policy is wasted. This makes for a more efficient, flexible approach, allowing you to take up cover hourlydaily or monthly, so it can easily work around your needs. 

This means your car won’t be sitting around unused whilst you are paying out on a policy. With temporary insurance you can easily purchase a new policy whenever you need it. We provide quotes in as little as 90 seconds, so you can get back on the road instantly.

Who benefits from this the most? Pretty much any motorist can benefit from temp vehicle insurance, but at GoShorty we can see clear patterns in the type of motorists who take out short-term cover on a regular basis. These low mileage drivers include: 

  • City centre residents – they have access to a car, but they often work a short distance from their home, so only need their vehicle at the weekends for the big shop!
  • Those who drive their partner’s car sporadically – in many cases, one member of a couple will drive more frequently than the other. You can add a partner, friend or loved one to your annual policy so they can drive your car, but as we’ve explained previously, this can impact your no-claims bonus if they have an accident. 
  • Students – it’s common for students to only use their car when they are back at home in between terms. Having an annual insurance policy is money down the drain! Which is why temporary insurance for students can come in very handy. 
  • Members of the Armed Forces – similar to students, members of the Forces can really benefit from pay-as-you-go insurance cover.
  • People who work away – in a lot of trades, it’s normal for multiple workers to travel to a job together in one vehicle. If you’re away from home from Monday to Friday most weeks, it’s a false economy to have an annual car insurance policy that will only be used at weekends. Our weekend insurance policies are a great option for these people. 

If you consider yourself a low mileage driver, this may be the best option for you, allowing you to save money and insure your car only when you actually need it. 

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