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Car sharing is simply the act of borrowing a car. The car could belong to a neighbour, a friend or a family member, whoever is happy to let you use their vehicle.

Car sharing is ideal for someone who doesn’t have a car or doesn’t drive much (we’ve created a guide for low-mileage drivers) and therefore doesn’t want to have an annual insurance policy. With GoShorty’s temporary car insurance, car sharing is easy, safe and beneficial to you and other drivers on the road. 

The Benefits of Car Sharing

Car sharing brings with it a number of benefits. The most obvious is its ability to save you money. If you are borrowing a vehicle, chances are you may not own a vehicle yourself, or your vehicle is just out of action. By getting yourself a temporary insurance policy on the car you want to borrow, you’re only paying to drive the car for the specific time period you need it. Meaning no extra costs or commitments that would come with an annual insurance policy, you’re just covered for the time you need. Also, if you’re car sharing with others, you can save costs on fuel by splitting the bill! 

Car sharing is also a great use of your time. Saving you the hassle of renting a car from a company, you can organise things with the person you’re borrowing from on your own time. Also, GoShorty can provide a quote on a short-term policy within 90 seconds, so you can arrange your insurance hassle free online, wherever you may be. 

For those who are environmentally conscious, car sharing will also work towards reducing the number of cars on the road, simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and reducing congestion on the roads, a win-win! 

A good thing to remember about temporary insurance is that it will have no impact on the car owner’s no claims discount. Meaning, if there is an accident of some sort, you won’t be damaging their policy.

Car Sharing Etiquette

When borrowing someone’s car, you are in charge of an important asset of theirs, so it is important you treat the vehicle as if it were your own. Here’s some tips on what to do and what not to do.

Do’s and Don’ts of Car Sharing

It goes without saying, you should drive carefully. Of course, this is the case at all times, but you don’t want to be returning the car in a damaged state, even if the temporary insurance means the owner’s no claims bonus is protected. Looking after the car will allow you to borrow the vehicle again in the future if needed, drive carefully, park it securely and follow the law.

Be sure to make it clear exactly how long you need the car for to the owner. This just makes things clear from the start, and allows you to come to an agreement where both parties are happy. In most cases, you will be close with whoever you are borrowing the car from, but this just ensures everything is understood. It also helps to get the owner to let you know anything particular about the vehicle you are about to drive, in order for you to be able to drive it as safely as possible.

It would be polite to return the vehicle in the same state you received it in. If the car is clean, keep it that way. Don’t bring rubbish into the vehicle and leave it there, or smoke in the car, try not to eat in the car either, essentially don’t do anything that could dirty the car. Returning it in a fit state is the best thing to do, you may want to borrow it again in the future, so it’s best to leave a good impression. If the car gets a little dirty on your travels, it would be considerate to give it a clean before returning it.

Try to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel too, topping up the fuel before returning the vehicle is a polite way of saying thank you for it. Also, it would be very inconvenient for the owner if it is returned empty. 

If you have a regular car-sharing arrangement with somebody, you’ll need to plan. Have an idea of what’s in your calendar a few weeks ahead of time, so you can ensure you’re not left stuck. Also, car ownership is expensive, hence why we’re always flying the flag for a step-change in people’s attitudes towards sharing and borrowing vehicles. If a car is due its service, you should be contributing in some way. 

Lift Sharing Etiquette

Sharing a lift with others is a great way of saving money and even saves yourself from driving a lot. If multiple drivers are able to get a short-term policy, then the load of driving can be shared, making it a little easier on everyone involved. Also, the cost of fuel can be shared too, making it an effective way of saving money. Just like borrowing a car however, there are some things you should be mindful of if you are lift sharing, here’s some tips on lift sharing etiquette.

Do’s and Don’ts of Lift Sharing

When sharing a car with people, you might be spending some time together, especially if you are on a road trip of some sort. In this case, it’s important to keep the mood up, music can help this, but it’s important you don’t take over the music and annoy everyone with your favourite hits. Music on a trip is fun, just make sure it’s being enjoyed by everyone. A good way to approach this is allowing everyone to contribute to what’s being played – a Roadtrip Spotify Playlist is always a winner.

Try to keep your road rage under control. No one wants to hear you screaming at other drivers when sharing the car, it makes passengers feel stressed and unsafe. If road rage is something you are guilty of, try to keep cool, or hand the wheel to someone else. 

If you are travelling for a trip, try to pack efficiently so all of your belongings can fit in the boot. You don’t want to burden others with your bags between seats, if everyone is comfortable, then the mood will be better.

Conversation can keep everyone happy, so it’s a good thing to chat as the journey goes on. Just be mindful of how much you are talking, if others are tired, they may not want to hear you chat about what you had for breakfast. Read the room, or the car, and keep conversation flowing with others, instead of talking at them.

If you’re not driving, it is a good idea to help with navigation to give the driver a break. Helping out with the navigation allows the driver keep attention on the road, and allows you to contribute to the success of the trip. 

Just like when borrowing a car, you shouldn’t eat or smoke in the vehicle. This is inconsiderate and makes the car less comfortable for everyone else. Wait for the service stops to have a cigarette or eat some food, to save the car from getting messy. 

Car sharing and lift sharing are great. They reduce the amount of vehicles on the road, which reduces congestion and carbon pollution. It can also save you time and money through the use of short-term insurance and cutting out the need for a rental company. GoShorty is here to provide short-term insurance if you are looking to borrow a vehicle, you just need to find someone to lend it to you!


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