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Learner driver insurance is compulsory for every learner driver in the UK learning to drive in a private car. Although considered higher-risk drivers due to their lack of experience, there is the idea that taking out a learner driver insurance policy will be expensive.

While this may be true in most cases, there are ways to find more affordable car insurance without having to worry about whether you are fully covered or not.

We offer particular learner driver insurance based on how long you need to be covered. This is perfect because as soon the learner driver passes their driving test, they would no longer need this insurance.

This is what you can expect to get out of our learner driver insurance cover and how much you can approximately expect to pay.

The Cheapest Learner Driver Insurance Options

Shopping around for car insurance is the best way to find the best options. It is also a way to figure out how you can save money on an insurance policy as young and inexperienced drivers who are not by the means to pay for annual cover.

Whether practising in your friend or family member’s car, it is your legal responsibility to have a car insurance policy. Which, in this case, is learner insurance, also known as provisional driver insurance.

Add a learner driver to an existing policy

There are a few ways to acquire learner driver car insurance. Adding a learner driver to an existing policy by making them a named driver is an option that can be pretty expensive for the car owner.

It could add to their monthly premiums, which is not great for those already paying so much. This is especially not ideal for parents with more than one child learning to drive. Adding more than one learner driver as a named driver will most definitely break the bank unnecessarily.

Black box insurance policy

There is also an option to take out black box insurance, which is not as common and is more of a third-party cover that is not beneficial to the driver.

This means that you are only covered if the other person claims against you, leaving you to pay out of your own pocket for any damages to the vehicle you were driving.

Temporary learner driver insurance policy

Finally, there is an option to take out short-term cover, also known as temporary car insurance – which out of the other options may be the more affordable one.

It is cheaper car insurance for learner drivers, especially those practising on a car belonging to a family member or someone else’s car, and for the times they are practising without a driving instructor.

With this option, you can choose your policy duration, which is handy as you are not constantly practising. Like most annual car insurance, you are liable to pay an out-of-pocket cancellation fee if you become a qualified driver before your policy ends, which is why getting to choose your policy duration is a big win.

How To Acquire Temporary Provisional Insurance For Learner Drivers

It is a simple process requiring very little paperwork or back and forths. GoShorty is a reputable insurance broker that has provided a user-friendly way to ask for a quote, apply for the insurance policy and confirm it within minutes.

As an insurance company, we know that young drivers struggle to afford learner driver insurance, and once you pass the driving test, you will no longer need this insurance type.

Upon visiting our website, you will easily find our temporary learner driver insurance choice. You must fill in the car registration to get a quote, which will automatically scan through the motor insurance database.

This will then calculate an amount for you. You would then need to provide your information, the vehicle’s information as well as the information of your supervising driver.

Make sure you are a provisional license holder and have an experienced driver who will act as your supervising driver on your journey to getting a UK full driving licence.

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What Are The Average Costs Of A Learner Insurance Policy?

So, how much is learner insurance?

We offer a range of temporary learner driver insurance policies—these range from either hourly, daily or monthly cover.

This type of insurance policy is perfect for learner drivers who are driving either their own car or their parent’s car. It is even possible for two learner drivers to take out this insurance on the same car.

Hourly learner driver insurance is perfect for those who want an extra hour of practice with a supervised driver outside their lesson time. This can average £16.

With daily learner driver insurance, you can choose to get that extra lesson in your own car at any time of the day, which can be an average of £29. Whereas monthly learner driver insurance allows you to stay covered for an entire month, giving you flexibility and averaging £60.

When looking at these average costs to see which is cheaper, you must also look at the average prices for the other options.

When adding a learner driver as a named driver on a standard, existing comprehensive car insurance, the average cost can be £1300 per month. With Black Box insurance, considering that you are most likely to third-party cover can average at £1800 per month.

What Is The Cheapest Learner Driver Insurance?

As you can see, the average costs for each learner driver insurance policy are significantly different. It is clear that based on these estimated amounts, temporary car insurance is much cheaper.

Provisional licence holders are able to take out this type of insurance on top of the car owner’s insurance. They get full cover while the person with the annual cover’s claims bonus stays unaffected. This does also not affect the supervising drivers’ insurance.


How to get cheaper learner driver insurance?

Choosing temporary insurance is already seen as the cheaper option. However, your premiums can be even lower by using a vehicle in a low insurance group.

How does learner insurance affect the supervising driver?

The supervising driver gets to benefit from this insurance too. They are also covered by learner driver insurance; it does not affect their claims bonus or increase their insurance premiums.

This will not be any different if the learner driver is practising with a professional driving school as they might have their own insurance terms and conditions. Either way, they would still need learner insurance.

Does learner insurance last after passing the driving test?

No, it is very important to know that it does not cover the learner after they have passed the driving test.

In fact, as soon as you have passed your driving test, you would actually need to be driven by someone else or your driving instructor when leaving the test centre.

The learner, who does not have a full UK driving licence, would then need to apply for annual comprehensive or temporary car insurance that is not for learners. On the plus side, getting annual cover will allow newly qualified drivers to build up their no-claims bonus.

Final Thoughts

There are most certainly ways to minimise how much one spends on learner insurance. You would need to shop around and find the insurance company that offers deals that best suits your needs and, more importantly, your budget.

With temporary insurance being the cheapest option here, it is good to know that you have tailor-made car insurance packages for learner drivers like ours.

Choose from our hourly, daily or monthly packages; you could be covered in just minutes from requesting a quote. Our user-friendly website makes the application process hassle-free too.