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If you’re about to start learning to drive, you may be asking yourself: how much is learner insurance? When it comes to getting insured as a learner, there are a few options available at different price points and with different levels of flexibility. The best type of learner insurance depends on your needs, learners can consider traditional long-term insurance, black-box insurance, getting added to another driver’s insurance as a named driver, or the more flexible temporary learner insurance option. Learn about the cost of provisional insurance here, to help you make the best choice.

How Much is Learner Insurance?

The more traditional options that offer long-term coverage allow learners constant access to a vehicle, as long as they are supervised. However, these long-term policies can often be costly, sometimes accompanied by restrictions that end up costing you more in the long run. 

Temporary insurance offers learner drivers a much more flexible option. Short-term provisional insurance allows drivers to choose from daily, weekly, or even monthly policy options. This makes it a great option for learners trying to get in some extra practice outside of lessons, without having to commit to long-term policies. 

The table below shows the low costs you can get temporary learner insurance from. There are many factors that affect the price of insurance so the exact quote you get will differ.

Find Learner Insurance Prices From*…

*Based on minimum retail prices charged between March’23 to Feb’24

Starting as cheap as £15.01 for one hour, or £20.09 for one day of insurance, short-term insurance provides learners with an affordable, flexible option.

On top of the low cost of temporary provisional insurance, it’s also quick and easy to get covered. Learners looking to practice can get a quote and be insured in under two minutes.

This means you can be on the road learning valuable driving skills without having to wait around speaking to insurers.

How Much to Add a Learner Driver to Insurance?

Temporary insurance is a quick, flexible, and affordable option for learner drivers, whilst the more traditional method of adding a learner to insurance could be costly and unnecessary.

Adding a learner driver as a named driver on an already existing policy could cost an average of £1300 a month! Compare this to the potential £56.46 cost for four weeks of temporary insurance (this is based on average minium prices, individual quote will differ), and the difference is staggering. This type of insurance also risks the original driver’s premiums increasing and it puts their no-claims bonus at risk, whilst a temporary learner policy wouldn’t impact these areas. 

With more traditional learner insurance approaches like this, you also risk paying for more time than you need. You may end up paying for a year of insurance, but only use the car for a month’s worth of practice. This is another advantage of temporary insurance, as it allows learners to cover themselves just for the time necessary.

Temporary insurance presents learners with a safe, flexible, and affordable option to getting insured. Our quick service lets learners get to practicing quickly, without having to go back and forth with insurers or break the bank. Get a quote in under two minutes to see how easy it can be to get insured, so you can focus on passing your test!

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