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Buying a new car should always be a positive experience. Whether you are looking for a low-priced used car to get you from A to B or investing in a brand new car you have saved for, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Getting it home safely is always a priority when collecting your new car. This article will let you know everything you need to drive your new car legally.

What Is Needed To Drive A New Car Home?

Buying a new car can be a bit of a whirlwind, but ensuring you have everything in place to be able to move it legally is essential.

The requirements for driving a new car include:

Transfer of ownership

The V5C form is the document that proves your ownership of the car. This form needs to be updated and be in possession of the new owner.

The V5C form will typically be filled out in the dealership office you buy the car from. If you are buying your new car from a private seller, they should be in possession of this and be able to transfer ownership to you.

You will need to update the V5C/2 section with the ‘New Keepers Details’. You should always ensure the details entered on the document are accurate to avoid issues in the transfer of ownership.

The V5C form is also known as the car’s logbook and is the most crucial car document you will own. If lost, replacements can be applied for. You should not buy a new car if you don’t get the V5C form.

Vehicle tax

All vehicles need to be taxed. Car dealerships often take care of this as an incentive to customers, and if you are buying from a private seller, you will need to ensure the car is taxed or tax it yourself.

Many modern and new vehicles that have low emissions will be exempt from road tax, but the vehicle will still have to be registered, but you will not be charged.


The car’s MOT is also needed to ensure the car is roadworthy, and any insurance policy’s validity will depend on the car having an MOT.


Insurance is required for any vehicle that is driven in the UK. Even if you have insurance for another vehicle, you will need to ensure you have valid insurance for the new car.

Depending on your needs, there are a number of insurance options available to new car owners that will allow them to drive their vehicle home legally.

What Kind Of Insurance Do I Need?

It is a legal requirement that anyone driving a car has a valid insurance policy. Failure to comply with this can lead to a number of penalties, including a fixed penalty fine of £300 and six penalty points. More severe cases can be referred to court, where unlimited fines or driving disqualifications can be issued.

In some cases, the police will have the power to seize or destroy the vehicle. Anyone caught without the correct cover can face higher car insurance costs in the future and have to pay any expenses resulting from accidents.

Temporary Car Insurance

If you are looking for a new car insurance policy to get the car home safely, insurance providers will offer a range of options.

Using temporary insurance to get your new vehicle back to your home from your car dealer or private seller is a great way to avoid paying a full annual insurance fee.

This is a great option that gives drivers more freedom and allows them to save money when using cars for shorter periods of time. Temporary learner driver insurance is another popular option that will enable learners to practice in cars without having to pay for an entire annual policy.

How does temporary insurance cover work?

A temporary car insurance policy allows anyone buying a new car to buy cover from as little as one hour to drive the car home.

Temporary cover can be used to save money by not paying an entire annual policy while making sure the car is properly insured.

There are many reasons a new owner might not want to pay their full annual insurance policy immediately. It could be that the car is being taken back to be worked on and won’t be driven for a while, or something as simple as the new owner wanting to shop around for the best priced annual policy.

In some cases, customers might be picking up their new car from dealers or private sellers by driving their own car, and the insurance won’t have transferred over in time. This gives the new car owner the option of instant cover to transport the new vehicle home.

Most temporary insurance will be for fully comprehensive cover, but some providers may offer third-party. Comprehensive insurance covers any damage to third-party vehicles, property, or occupants, as well as the policy holder’s vehicle and occupants.

The third-party cover would not cover any damage to the policyholders’ vehicle and would only cover damage sustained by any third party involved in an accident.

Temporary car insurance cover requirements

Temporary car insurance will provide you with instant cover, allowing you to drive your car home without the expense of an annual insurance policy.

Driving a new vehicle requires you to have a valid insurance policy, and the requirements are the same as those for annual insurance policies.

To enjoy a temporary car insurance policy, you must fulfil the following requirements.

What Length Of Insurance Cover Is Needed?

The length of cover you need to drive your new car home will change depending on your needs. Making sure your car is insured when it is being driven is essential, and you should account for all eventualities, including delays or traffic, when taking out your policy.

Driveaway insurance offers short term cover allowing you to drive home a car from a dealership or private seller. You will have cover for any accident that might occur while travelling, but it also means you aren’t committed to a long term policy without comparing prices or finding the best deal.

One hour of car insurance can be an excellent option for drivers who know they can get the car home safely at this time. Alternatively, you might want to look for a one-day cover as it will give you more flexibility. Nobody can predict the future; all it would take is bad traffic jams or an accident to hold you up beyond your policy terms.

How Do I Get Temporary Cover?

Our quick and easy quotes enable drivers to insure their new car from a dealership or private seller and drive it home safely and legally.

Temporary policies allow drivers to adhere to UK road laws without wasting money on policies they will not benefit from.