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Driving a vehicle without a valid driving licence is illegal in the UK. So, for this reason, car insurance providers make it a basic requirement to be accepted for a policy. 

When taking out a car insurance policy, you’ll be asked several questions, including your personal details like your home address and date of birth, information about the vehicle you’re insuring, details of any driving convictions, and your driving licence number. Without this, you won’t be able to finalise your car insurance purchase. 

Can you get learner driver insurance without a licence?

No, learner drivers require a provisional driving licence to take lessons and purchase their own temporary learner driver insurance policy. Even if a family member buys the learner driver insurance for you, you will have to enter your provisional driving licence number to finalise your policy purchase.

When don’t I need insurance for my vehicle?

You won’t need to insure your car with an insurance company if it has been kept off all public roads since before 1st February 1998 or if you have a credible Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

You also won’t need to insure your car if it has been stolen, scrapped, or exported, and you have notified the relevant authorities and personnel of this. A vehicle currently in stock or between dealers also does not need to be insured, as long as the dealer is authorised.

Why would someone not have a licence?

Individuals may not have a licence for several reasons, including being underage, physically unable to drive, or have not yet learnt how to drive. The UK government may also have suspended, cancelled, or refused to renew a driving licence. 

If your licence is suspended under UK law, you will not be allowed to drive on the roads. You will also need to inform your insurance company. You will be eligible for insurance again once your licence is returned.

So, can you get insurance without a driving licence?

The straightforward answer is no.

Getting car insurance without a driving licence is impossible in the UK: The law requires you to have a driving licence number when purchasing car insurance.

Even as a learner driver, you still require a provisional driving licence to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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