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The average cost of annual comprehensive insurance (as at the end of 2020) was £468, according to the Association of British Insurers. That’s a lot of money to be spending if you only drive infrequently and of course, there are all the other associated costs that go with owning a car, such as costly repairs, servicing and road tax.


So, if you only drive a car occasionally, what’s the point of owning one? It could make far more sense to come to a sharing arrangement with a friend or family member. You could perhaps chip in towards fuel and servicing costs or help out with driving if necessary, in return for occasion loan of the vehicle.  This is a view held by growing numbers of people who want to both save money and help the environment and as part of the sharing economy, it’s a concept that’s really gaining traction.


It’s so easy

Borrowing a car, as and when you need it, is rapidly taking off and the great news is that you can drive safe in the confidence there’s fully comprehensive insurance in place. You simply buy the cover online before you pick the car up and based on how long you have the car for.


Cover from GoShorty cover offers full protection and this means the car owner’s own comprehensive policy is unaffected, as is their no claims bonus. So how much could you expect to pay?


There are all sorts of factors that affect the cost of car insurance – both annual and short-term – and that includes the drivers’ age and experience, the value of the car and where you live. It’s not possible to give a one-size-fits-all price as each quote is individually tailored to you. The process is super-fast and you’ll be fully covered in just a couple of minutes.


But as an example, you could find that fully comprehensive cover costs around £40 for a full day, making it an easy cost to budget for.


All kinds of reasons to car share

This could be a perfect solution if you want to spend the day at the beach, drop someone off at university, or help someone move belongings to a new home, for example.

Of course, you may not need cover for a whole day. If you were just test driving a car that is being privately sold, you can buy short term car insurance for as little as an hour, and here, the cost could be around £7 or less. Perhaps you’re borrowing a car to do the weekly food shop or you need it to go and pick up an item of furniture? In this case you might need a car for around three to four hours.


You’re in control and being able to take out temporary car insurance ‘on demand’ is the way the market is moving. Fewer of us want to be burdened with car ownership, so if you want to move with the times, then one day car insurance can make this a reality.


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