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Eager to join the green revolution with your very own electric vehicle? You’re not alone. As the world transitions towards more sustainable transportation, more and more drivers are making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and are, therefore, needing to source insurance for electric cars. 

With the rising popularity of these eco-friendly cars, you will be pleased to know electric vehicle insurance can be found as part of many of our temporary car insurance and temporary van insurance policies, with more and more of our insurance providers covering EV’s. 

While we may not be covering the high-end Teslas just yet, our comprehensive insurance options now extend to some of the mid-tier EV models, providing peace of mind and security for your electric driving experience.

With the transition to electric vehicles, ensuring that you’re fully covered without breaking the bank has never been more important. This is where GoShorty’s temporary insurance solutions come into play, offering a cost-effective way to protect your electric vehicle, when you need it. 

Say goodbye to hefty annual insurance fees and hello to a flexible, on-demand insurance model that keeps your EV fully covered only when you need to use it, without draining your wallet. And if you haven’t switched to an electric vehicle yet, but are looking for more eco ways to drive – car sharing with the help of our temporary daily insurance or hourly cover is a simple solution too.

Why Temporary Insurance is the Best Insurance for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming the transportation mode of today, offering environmentally conscious drivers a sustainable and efficient way to commute. Our temporary electric vehicle insurance allows you to enjoy seamless cover for your EV, safeguarding you against potential risks and uncertainties that come with owning an electric car. 

Our tailored insurance solutions are designed to provide comprehensive protection for your vehicle, ensuring that you can hit the road with confidence, knowing you’re fully covered on your travels.

Worried about the finances of insuring your electric vehicle throughout the year? You might be asking yourself “Are electric cars cheaper to insure? Or, “Are electric cars more expensive to insure?” The answer is, it genuinely depends on the vehicle, type of insurance, and how long you need it for. But there is no denying insurance premiums are on the up, especially for electric vehicles – which is why choosing temporary cover can be a cost saving solution. 

Our temporary insurance options offer a budget-friendly solution to curb unnecessary costs. With our on-demand insurance model, you can secure cover for your EV precisely when you need it, allowing you to save on premium expenses during periods when you’re taking a break from the roads, or using a different car. This cost-effective approach to electric vehicle insurance ensures that you’re only paying for insurance during the times when you’re actively using your vehicle, bringing that overall cost down.

We provide the option to insure your vehicle only during the periods when you actually need it. Say goodbye to the days of paying hefty annual premiums for a vehicle that spends more time parked, than on the road.

The Benefits of EV Temporary Insurance

When it comes to managing your vehicle’s insurance costs, flexibility is key. Our temporary insurance solutions empower you to customise your policy based on your specific usage needs. 

Whether you’re using your vehicle for occasional weekend drives or seasonal road trips (perhaps a summer staycation is on the cards?), our on-demand insurance model allows you to tailor your policy duration to align with your driving requirements. 

This streamlined approach not only helps you save on electric vehicle insurance expenses during periods of minimal use, but also offers the flexibility to adjust your cover based on your changing driving patterns. 

With the popularity of EVs increasing, short-term leases are on the rise and that means you might just be after some short-mid term insurance. We’ve got you covered with our fully comprehensive insurance for electric cars.

With our comprehensive insurance options for electric vehicles, you can drive into the future with confidence, knowing that your travel adventures are fully covered and protected. Say hello to seamless and cost-effective electric vehicle insurance that aligns with your sustainable lifestyle, and embrace the joys of emission-free driving without the worry of high insurance costs. 

Embracing the eco-friendly benefits of electric vehicles doesn’t mean compromising on comprehensive insurance, though. With our insurance for electric vehicles, you can be certain that your EV is fully protected against potential damages, theft, or other unforeseen incidents.

Our temporary insurance solutions are designed to accommodate the unique needs of electric vehicle owners, offering peace of mind and security as you navigate the roads with confidence.

Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a weekend adventure, our eco car insurance ensures that you can enjoy a worry-free driving experience, all while contributing to a cleaner, greener planet. Get a quote today to insure your EV.

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